Riverine populations of the Rio Negro are contaminated, says study

9/30/201208:00 pm

Riverine populations of the Rio Negro are contaminated, says study


Riverine populations of Black River, in Northern Amazonas, are exposed to contamination by mercury at a level higher than tolerable to human health, a new study from Inpa (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia).

The contamination occurs through prolonged intake of piscivorous fish, as tucunaré and piranha, tells the story of Jin Brazil. The symptoms are neurological problems and loss of motor coordination, among others.

The research was done in 2011 with tufts of hair for 50 people, from 14 different communities, and noted a concentration of mercury in the body of 3.14 ppm to 58.35 ppm during the year.

The World Health Organization considers a tolerable rate of 50 ppm for the population in General and 10 ppm for pregnant women. According to biologist Gergely Balassa, 32, author of the study, the situation of women of reproductive age is the most worrisome: 85% of them had mercury concentrations above 10 ppm.



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