STJ ensures removal of non-Indians indigenous Urubu Branco (White Vulture) in MT

10/2/2012 12:19 -updated 10/2/2012 12:19

STJ ensures removal of non-Indians indigenous Urubu Branco (White Vulture) in MT

The area is located in the eastern region of the State, in the region of Confresa. Reporter Minister and President presented risks of conflicts in the locality.

Leandro J. Birth The G1 MT

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) ensured the withdrawal of non-Indians occupying the White Vulture indigenous land, located in the municipality of Confresa, 1,160 kilometers of Cuiabá and extending more than 167.5 million hectares. The decision is the reporter Minister and President of the Supreme Court, Felix Fischer.

For the Minister, “the permanence of individuals on indigenous land that has already been recognized as exclusive usufruct of the Tapirapé community, including decision of merit in public civil action filed in origin, contributed to the increased tension and conflicts in the white Vulture, committing serious public security”, describes in words.

The National Indian Foundation (Funai) filed a public civil action aimed at the expulsion of squatters considered irregular. The sentence ordered “the withdrawal of the defendants and all non-Indians of the indigenous land, and that they obstivessem to promote reocupações, occupations, invasions, residence, movement, buildings of any kind, settlements, disposals, permutations”, explains the Minister rapporteur.

However, the Regional Court of the first region (TRF-1) in Brasilia gave suspensive effect to the appeal to which the eviction was held. However, federal prosecutors appealed to the SUPREME COURT where they were able to guarantee the continuity of the process.

The presiding Minister Felix Fischer lists the risk of a conflict brought on indigenous land. “See, just to illustrate the instability in the region, the reports, reporting, and newsletters of occurrence colacionados in stating, in synthesis, to occurrence of shots made against the headquarters of Funai surveillance and fire of bridge that gives access to the location of the stand, fire of the vehicle owned by Funai, bombings, ambushes and other incidents”.

According to the President, “the maintenance of the effects of the decision now approved [TRF to grant suspensive effect to action which determined the withdrawal of non-Indians on Earth] aggravates the tense land ownership and increases the possibility of occurrence of larger social conflicts around the possession of the lands included in the Vulture area.

According to the SUPREME COURT, the area was approved by the Federal Decree published in the Official Gazette on September 8, 1998.


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