Justice determines clearance of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás, in MA

Justice determines clearance of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás, in MA

Excerpt in the town of Alto Alegre do Pindaré is banned since Tuesday (2). Indians protest against ruling of the Office of the Attorney General of the Union.

The G1 MA

The Federal Court has determined the immediate clearance of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC), the excerpt from the Mary and Auzilândia, in the municipality of Alto Alegre do Pindaré, 340 miles from St. Louis. The injunction was signed by judge Mercy Almada Lima, who is responsible for the 5th Federal Court.

The lawsuit was filed by the Valley, against Tomas Guajajara, Rosilene Guajajara and Antonio Son Guajajara village chiefs, indigenous and Maçaranduba. Last Tuesday (2) Indians of the guajajara interditaram the stretch of railway line as a protest against the Decree 303, of the Attorney General of the Union, which deals with the demarcation of indigenous lands. Due to the protest, all railway operations of the EFC were paralyzed and the journey of the passenger train bound for St. Louis was stopped.

In the lawsuit, the mining company claims that the claim has no direct relationship with the company and that the outage prevents the due fulfilment of the concession contract between the Union Valley, “which could result in the suspension of their productive activities”.

In the injunction the judge also determines that the caciques refrain from performing any act that might “hinder, prevent upset or harass the possession that It exerts on the premises of the OBE, as well as refrain from preventing the free passage of railway compositions and not commit any act that might result in damage to facilities and trains the mining company”. In case of non-compliance with the decision, it was determined the payment of daily fine of r $ 50 thousand.



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