Government orders a month to answer the demands of fishermen. Camp in Xingu continues

Government orders a month to answer the demands of fishermen. Camp in Xingu continues

Published in October 1, 2012

After meeting with members of the federal Government in the last week, fishermen in Altamira who protest against the bus of the Xingu and the lack of dialogue and indemnification for the category, were notified that the deadline for consideration of the demands will be 30.

According to Shangula, a representative of fishermen’s Colony of Altamira, this delay is an affront and can put at risk the lives of inhabitants who live in areas of impact of explosions of the Belo Monte hydroelectric works. A few days ago, the colony received the complaint of a woman who was fishing in front of his house, when the detonation in a nearby let out a boulder that nearly reached. “This is a danger, the woman could have died. But so far the North has not shown any Energy proposal for the Riverside dwellers who live on islands near the explosions. It is very dangerous to stay, but also not to leave, they have no where to go. It is absurd the Government ask a month to answer questions that could settle in a week. Is disrespectful! “says Lucio.

In this second, 01, the fisherman’s camp on the outskirts of cofferdam construction Pimental completed 15 days without any contact federal authorities, but with increased pressure by the actions of the Consorcio Belo Monte Constructor (CCBM). Harassed constantly by company officials, the fishermen have already changed five times the location of the camp, which began on the island of Jatoba and moved into the dog Islands, John clay, the deer and the Agouti, which remains since the weekend.

“Today we had the information that the employees of the CCBM were again, the police helicopter made new flyby, but fishermen decided to face harassment and stay in place,” says Antonia Melo, Coordinator of the Xingu Vivo Movement forever. According to her, the fishermen do not believe that the Government will fulfill any agreement that will be done, since almost none of which was combined with the Indians after the occupation of the caisson, between June and July, was routed.

According to Funai officials, really the activities relating to indigenous, as well as the work of the Agency, are virtually stopped. After a two-day stoppage last week due to the complete lack of structure for the performance of functions, staff returned to work under threat of having the point cut, but nothing that was claimed in terms of improvement of the conditions and structure of work, was granted. According to the natives, and post-occupancy agreements and wrap the end of the Emergency Plan, which was intended for villages up to September this year, the basic environmental Plan (PBA) has been fulfilled not indigenous.

Fishermen seek dialogue with indigenous people One of the leaders of the fishermen’s camp, Caecilius Kaiapó, whose family lives exclusively on fishing, has started an exchange between the indigenous villages and fishermen for Exchange of views on the threat of permanent bus do Xingu and the abuses of Power North. Meanwhile, the camped here urging the category of fishermen to strengthen the protests. Below, read the letter circulated at the end of last week:

Charter of 13 fishermen

We, the 13 fishermen gathered on the island of Cotia, we speak here of our strength in defence of the rights of all of us. We urge our friends fishermen who get together and appear to give us support in the fight for their rights, just as we have struggled.

For the love of God, we call everyone to come find us and join us. For the sake of their children and grandchildren, which react in defense of its fishing rights, before it’s too late and that the Xingu does not take more fish.

Look forward to the arrival of you so that together, with the strength, the courage and the faith of everyone, we can finally take action to ensure that we are heard by the North energy Consortium Belo Monte Constructor and by the Presidency of Brazil. Also called the Indians throughout the region to join us in this important fight. And all the suffering that can go to the island of Cotia, please come as quickly as possible. And that all we are together at this point.

We thank all those who have supported us and those who will support us in this cause.

The 13 anglers.

Altamira, September 28, 2012.

Watch video about the beginning of fisherman’s camp:



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