Natives threaten wave of protests against AGU



Natives threaten wave of protests against AGU



Indians threaten to harden the protests against the ruling of the AGU (Advocacia-Geral da União) which allows the Government to intervene in demarcated lands without prior consultation, provided that there is “public interest of the Union.”

Second text of AGU, interventions of the Government in these lands can occur without previous communication to the Indians and the Funai (National Indian Foundation).

“We’re not going to give for free what it cost a lot to achieve, what are the rights guaranteed in the Constitution,” says the aide of the Apib (Articulation of the indigenous peoples of Brazil), Paulino Montejo.

Between Tuesday and Friday, 200 Guajajara Indians blocked the Carajas railway in the region of Alto Alegre do Pindaré, in Maranhão, in protest against the ruling.

Disclosure CIMI-4.out. 12
Indígenas interditam a estrada de ferro Carajás, no Maranhão, em protesto contra AGU
Natives cannot the Carajas railroad, in Maranhão, in protest at AGU

Vale, owner of the railroad, was prevented from taking iron ore to the port of Ponta da Madeira in São Luís.

According to Funai, the Indians closed the protest following a court ruling.

By Ordinance, is hereby authorized, among other things, that the Government build dams, military bases and highways in demarcated areas.

The text still prohibits the reassessment of the size of reserves, except if it is proven legal error at the beginning of the demarcation process.

The Ordinance had the term initially postponed for September. Later, the Government decided that it shall enter into force after the trial of the embargoes of the demarcation process of the reservation Raposa/Serra do Sol (RR) in the Supreme Court–still no date selected.

That’s because, according to AGU, the gatehouse “standardizes” Executive’s performance following the directives of the Supreme Court in the trial of the demarcation of the buffer, in 2009.


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