Indigenous peoples explain reasons for the occupation of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás


Indigenous peoples explain reasons for the occupation of the Estrada de Ferro Carajás


The movement of indigenous lands Caru and Pindaré, comprised ethnicities Guajajara and Awá Guaja, before blocking the company’s railroad Valley, in the municipality of Alto Alegre do Pindaré-MA, publicly manifest, in the following sense:

01. the Decree 303/2012, AGU intends to relativize the indigenous rights, usurping the riches of their territories and denying the prior consultation, as the Convention 169, the ILO.

02. the PEC 215 intends to transfer responsibility for the demarcation of indigenous lands to the National Congress, with a clear intention to prevent the recognition of new indigenous territories.

03. the PL 1610/96, which deals with new mining code also attempts to prevent access to mineral wealth, by indigenous peoples.

04. the railroad blockade constitutes the first step of contesting the Indian Ordinance 303/2012, AGU, PEC No. 215 and 1610/96 PL.

05. Companhia Vale, although not directly responsible resolution of this agenda, is benefiting from the exploitation of the riches contained in the indigenous territories, such as the doubling of the Carajás railroad.

06. Therefore, our mobilization aims to draw the attention of the Government, but also of society, for a set of measures that attack the indigenous rights.

07. We hope that our gesture, is an example to be followed by other indigenous people in the State, spread across its various territories, as well as by the indigenous peoples of other States.

08. our mobilization will not boil down to the blocking of the railway, but will also in several other strategies, to halt the decline in institutional threat and insult our fundamental rights.

09. If the federal Government and the National Congress persist in order to keep such regulatory proposals, we will not hesitate to resume the blockade of the railway, as well as BRs, along which we are conducting our resistance.

Indigenous Movement Pindaré Carú Alto Alegre do Pindaré-Village Massaranduba October 3, 2012


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