Environment | Note published in 10/8/2012-13:59 hs.


New protesters join the fishermen against Belo Monte
On the afternoon of Monday (8), more than 200 protesters, including small farmers, bordering, Altamira and indigenous residents
have joined fishermen who are 22 days ago protesting the final bus of Xingu.


The demonstrators occupied again the cofferdam construction site to halt the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. According to the protesters, the action takes place in full compliance with the agreements signed by the North with the indigenous Energy Consortium after the last occupation of the caisson, between June and July passed.

In addition to the failure of a large number of constraints, they denounce the complete lack of dialogue with the fishermen and the menace of flooding of part of Altamira with the final bus of Xingu. The protesters complain that the new development to close the river without having resolved the transposition of boats across the caisson, as required under the license granted by the Brazilian Institute of environment (Ibama).

According to the organ, the River closure cannot occur, and the company will not be able to stop the flow of boats until the interim transposition system of vessels is in full operation. According to the fishermen encamped on the outskirts of the caisson, the dam should be completed in the coming days. (pulsar)

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  1. Environment | Note published in 12/21/2010-12:41 hs.


    Survey shows: Belo Monte constraints are not met

    A team of Federal prosecutors was at the place where they intend to build the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant and confirmed that the environmental restrictions are not being fulfilled.

    Belo Monte was auctioned months ago under environmental conditions, a set of 40 items to be met by the companies in the winning Consortium.

    Water and sewage works, which were supposed to be in full swing in the municipality of Vitória do Xingu, has only one well drilled.

    Only one of the two health centers began to be built, but the other laid down no, and classrooms laid down as conditions either.

    In addition, the public prosecutor’s Office estimates that about 8 thousand people have already migrated to Altamira, the largest city near the future plant, in search of work in the works.

    This migration can collapse the structure of municipality. So, among the 40 constraints are various safeguards to prevent this collapse. However, according to the Prosecutor, nothing is being done.

    By the legal rules, the Ministry may prevent the installation license of works on this basis. But the fear that the Government do as he did in the State of Rondônia, with the plants of the Madeira River.

    In the case of Rondônia, the Government invented a type of license that is not in the law, for installation of construction sites. In practice it means the installation of works, but it’s a dribble on legislation prohibiting the work without the conditions fulfilled. (pulsar)


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