Belo Monte: MPF insists on Justice that North Energy fulfilling needs and constraints

Belo Monte: MPF insists on Justice that North Energy fulfilling needs and constraints

Proxies were in process on the latest indigenous occupation in the construction site

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office was called to manifest itself in the process in which Norte Energia s.a asks the repossession against Indians, fishermen and farmers who paralyzed the Belo Monte works to occupy the construction site this week. The proxies of the Republic Meliza Barbosa and Thais Santi showed the judge the orders placed on precautionary action, for suspension of the licence of Belo Monte facility for breach of conditions.
For the MPF, the cause of the outage is the delay of North energy in fulfilling the minimum conditions established by Ibama for works, what is causing the collapse in many public services in the region and damage to the living conditions of the affected populations. Since July 23, the Federal Court in Belem is a precautionary action to suspend the work and compel the fulfillment of conditions, that has not been judged.
“The conditions laid down in the licence have not been complied with, being postponed and incorporated into the partial installation license and, subsequently, in the installation license, stage in which continue to be handled by the entrepreneur as mere formal requirement, compliance with which can be deferred in time, divorced from any timeline or promise that is necessary to ensure that the works will continue, even if the social cost of this behavior is intolerable”, says the text of action signed by the procurators of the Republic Felicio Pontes Jr., Ubiratan Chandrachud, Meliza Barbosa and Thais Santi.
The indigenous inhabitants and farmers, fishermen, camped at the construction site of the plant sent letters and statements with their claims in that list the unfulfilled conditions. “We declare that this demonstration is peaceful and aims at the search for respect for the rights of people affected directly and indirectly by the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT and the fulfilment of conditions and agreements already concluded,” they say in the letter.
The MPF is accompanying the negotiation process in the construction of the Belo Monte dam. The court case that deals with the evacuation of the building carried out in Federal Court of Altamira. The court case that deals with non-compliance with the conditions of the work waiting for judgement in the 9th Federal Court in Belem.
Process that asks for halt of works for breach of conditions: 20224-11.2012.4.01.3900 – 9th Federal Court in Belem
Process in which the North Energy seeks the eviction of the construction site: 2450-56.2012.4.01.3900 – Federal Court of Altamira



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