Police arrest suspected of killing Chief on the North coast of Paraíba


10/12/2012 3:36 pm -updated 10/12/2012 3:36 pm

Police arrest suspected of killing Chief on the North coast of Paraíba

Police have identified one of the lines of inquiry about the motive for the crime. Suspect has several accusations, such as kidnapping and robbery, police said.

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The suspect killed the cacique potiguara Geusivam Silva de Lima, 30, was arrested in the early hours of Friday (12) by military police in the municipality of Marcação, North coast of Paraíba. Robson Santos da Silva already had arrest warrants open for other crimes.

According to Captain Alberto Filho, Commander of the Military police company (COMBAT), the man was arrested when he had fun at a party held by the city. “He was quite drunk and, maybe, not outlined any reaction,” said the Commander, who reported that the man was taken to the police station in the municipality of Mamanguape, also on the North coast of Paraíba.

The captain reported that the police already have a line of inquiry to ascertain the motive of the crime. “The suspect is accused of bank robberies, homicides, kidnappings, theft of luxury cars. All these crimes were committed in the States of Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte. Then the suspect in death of cacique wore the indigenous villages to hide and reportedly demanded that the cacique Indian patrol to withdraw from villages so that he could not be found. As the Chief didn’t answer to the request, was murdered, “said Alberto Son.

The Commander also did not rule out other lines of inquiry. “For example, another possibility is that Geusvivam have been killed because of dispute over land in the municipality of markup. The police will also investigate whether this person was hired to kill the chieftain, “he added.

On the day of the crime, two persons were on a motorcycle, according to police. “The police already know the suspect in death of cacique was the Croup. However, we are almost reaching the rider of the bike, “said the captain.

Accusations According to Commander Albert child, the suspect in the death of the Chief is accused of various crimes. “Against Robson Santos da Silva, 28 years, there was an outstanding arrest warrant in Brazil [Swamp paraibao]. Is a gang of high dangerousness, “summed up.

The crime The murder of the Indian Geusivam selvan, 30 years, happened in late July, in a village square Brejinho, in the municipality of markup.

According to information from the Integrated Police Operations Centre (Ciop) at that time, two suspects arrived by motorcycle and shot against the natives.

The National Indian Foundation (Funai) said at the time that the case was being investigated by the Federal Police, and added that the area is the scene of constant clashes between the Indian tribes and villagers that have large sugar plantations.




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