Note the site protesters Pimental


Note the site protesters Pimental

Published in October 14, 2012
In the face of uncertainty about the negotiation process with the North Energy Company, which has refused to allow Indians and fishermen move into accommodation at the construction site to await possible conciliation audience, the protesters who occupied the caisson of Pimental since last day 8, on the afternoon of Saturday, new public statement on the situation:
We, indigenous and traditional communities hit by the Belo Monte HYDRO camped on Pimental, declare that:
1. Liability the federal Government, the BNDES and Norte Energia by our attitude in camp at sitio pimental and liable to the same by total lack of responsibility in the construction of the belo monte HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT and continuous violation of rights that today are 15 reasons public civil action filed by Federal prosecutors and international actions
2. Despite the pressure and intimidation that’s to lose common sense, we have the absolute certainty that there is justice and it will be on our side, because this movement is peaceful and our legitimate demands.
3. Our intention is not to prevent the development of Brazil, but do understand that development should always happen with social and environmental responsibility.
4. We demand the presence of IBAMA, FUNAI Brasilia, MPF, public defender of the Union, the public defender in the State of Pará, President of NESA and of a representative of the federal Government to build together a real dialogue aimed at solving the problems that we experience today.
Indigenous and traditional communities signed camped on pimental

photo Xingu Vivo 2011

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