Resolution of impasse on negotiations with protesters is in the hand of Justice


Resolution of impasse on negotiations with protesters is in the hand of Justice

Published in October 13, 2012

Nearly a week after the last occupation of caisson of Pimental (one of the construction sites of Belo Monte) by Indians and fishermen, the negotiations on the demands of those affected by the power plant and the eviction of the site depend on now in accordance with the Federal Court.

On Friday morning, 12, the federal judge of Altamira, Hakanson, has determined to be held an audience of conciliation between the protesters, Funai and Norte Energia next Monday, 15, in the caisson, but conditioned the process of negotiating the evacuation of the site within 12:0 am.

A bailiff handed the proposal to camped on the afternoon of Friday. The fact of being accompanied by heavily armed Federal Police men displeased many Indians and intensified the climate of tension, but there was the willingness of the demonstrators to abide by the decision of justice.

In a letter delivered to the bailiff, the natives informed the judge that acatariam the determination to leave the current location of the camping on the caisson and the keys of bulldozers and trucks of Consorcio Belo Monte would be returned Constructor, if it were made feasible by the permanence of the group in place for accommodation of workers inside the construction site. In the letter, the Indians demonstrate their “willingness to dialogue by accepting Court ruling that determined the conduct of the meeting on the day 10/15/2012 and the peaceful withdrawal of the construction site, as determined. However, we are given appropriate conditions for us while we wait for the meeting. We look forward to meeting in the accommodation (where is the refectory) Pimental, and site to be transported to that location on the bus, and that power is given until the day of the meeting. We commit ourselves to wait for the meeting where indicated, without causing any damage to the company’s heritage. We are adopting this position because I believe that this meeting can bring positive results for our communities, with the fulfilment of the conditions and implementation of PBA. We are tired of meetings that do not solve anything, in which the North Energy assumes commitments that do not comply. “

The natives also reported constant threats suffered by employees of the North energy, but reinforce that their movement is peaceful, “we will not adopt any measure of violence against officials of the North energy, the CCBM or any other institution“.

Until noon Saturday, 13, there was no response from justice to the proposal of the protesters.

Discontent The delay of effective routing solutions to the problems faced by indigenous people and fishermen have raised much discontent among the demonstrators. “Will it be need us spilling our blood here for you doing something?”, fired the native leader Claudio Curuaia, regional coordinator of FUNAI, an attorney of the Republic and the probation officer who has been camping in this Friday.

It was the second time that representatives of federal agencies went to the construction site. Although they are without potable water and struggling with the power, the protesters do not grow tired of trying to make with that the “doctors” to understand your situation. “If someone has invaded here was the North energy that is violating our rights,” said Xipaya Léo’s leadership.

In conversation with authorities, parakanã leadership, holding his bow and arrows, said: “I’ve fought a lot for my people. I am an old man and had to be in my village now. I didn’t have to be here. But I came because I am seeing the suffering of my people and the evil that this work is bringing. I came to solve this problem or die here “.



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