Javari Valley leaders denounce vote buying and abandonment of indigenous people



Indians are abandoned after elections in AM

Javari Valley leaders denounce vote buying and abandonment of indigenous people, following the election, the seat of the municipality

Manaus, October 16, 2012 STEWY








Tenazor Nanayakkara elected mayor is accused of using indigenous health resources in campaign.


The indigenous movement will come with a request for investigation of vote-buying scheme and abandonment of Indians in the municipality of Atalaia do Norte (1,138 km of Manaus). According to the Coordinator-General of the Javari Valley, Jader Marubo, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Federal Police will operate until the end of this week.

About 400 Indians who came to town to vote on day 7 remain housed in canoes on the River Javari awaiting release of money to buy gasoline and return to the villages. Among the tribes that remain in the city are ethnic canamari, marubo, matis.

According to one of the leaders of the Matis Indians, Bushe Matis, the Indians were driven into the city after talking with health officials. “Before the election, some Nursing technicians working in the indigenous area resulted in gasoline asking the Indians down the River to help. The problem is that when they came here they had no help, “said Bushe.

The matis leader said that the majority of nurses said that was at the behest of the candidate and Mayor-elect, Dennis Tenazor (PDT). “The nurses took gasoline they use to treat them the same gasoline and health”, said the leadership.

Bushe’s version is confirmed by Jader Marubo, which accuses Nanayakkara Tenazor to use the House for indigenous health system (A/c) to capture the votes of the Indians. “The candidate Arnold used the structure of a beach holiday, with the help of employees who work in these villages, to convince the Indians to come down in exchange for gasoline and so let’s fire the Federal prosecutors and the Federal Police to investigate,” he said.


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