Judge terminates injunctive relief against Belo Monte


10/16/2012 4:36 pm -updated 10/16/2012 4:36 pm

Judge terminates injunctive relief against Belo Monte

MPF action against the installation of hydroelectric power was not appreciated. A week ago, Indians occupy the construction site in protest.

The G1 PA

Barragem construída pela Norte Energia corta Rio Xingu, na região de Altamira, no Pará (Foto: Divulgação/Greenpeace/Marizilda Cruppe)
Dam built by North River cuts Power Xingu, in Altamira, Pará (Photo: Disclosure/Greenpeace/Rini Cruppe)

Federal judge Arthur Patel, the 9th of Belém, Pará, extinguished the injunctive relief sought by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) against the installation license of the Belo Monte HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT. The decision was published on Tuesday (16).

In the lawsuit, the MPF sought the suspension of the license of the Belo Monte dam, arguing that Norte Energia, the company responsible for the work, was not complying with the environmental restrictions. The Belo Monte hydroelectric plant license was granted last June by Ibama.

For the MPF, disregard of environmental restrictions by Norte Energia would be causing collapse in many public services in the region and damage to the living conditions of the affected populations.

For Justice, the action arguments were not sufficient for the assessment of merit. According to the federal judge, the MPF did not complete the conditions of the action to do justice to a trial or permanent injunction.

This is the same action that the MPF has submitted to the Federal Court, in Altamira, in occasion of possession reintegration request, moved by the North energy, which discusses the stonemason occupation of Pimental. A week ago the indigenous communities, fishermen and Riverside are camped on Pimental, one of four sites of the Belo Monte dam, and refuse to leave the place. In its decision, the federal court of Altamira has determined the peaceful eviction from the area invaded. On Tuesday (16) afternoon there will be a conciliation hearing with the mediation of the National Indian Foundation (Funai).


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