Kadiweu: with end of strike of the PF, indigenous can be evicted from lands approved


Kadiweu: with end of strike of the PF, indigenous can be evicted from lands approved

Posted by: Administrator on 16/10/2012.
News source: Media Advisory-Ccme/MS
By Ruy Sposati,
Porto Murtinho (MS)
Indian families who occupied Kadiweu area invaded by ranchers received new repossession order to 136 thousand hectares of indigenous land Kadiweu (TI). They recorded during last week in at least four different farms. This month, the Court granted measures precautionary to the other eleven farms.
The territory, delimited 100 years ago and located in the municipality of Porto Murtinho, in the region of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, was totally occupied by ranchers until, in April of this year, the Kadiweu retook the area and led to the farmers.
The deadline for the evacuation ended on Sunday, 14. However, during the strike of the Federal Police, the organ publicly declared does not have to perform the removal of the quota. With the end of the suspension of work on Tuesday, 16, the can change the situation.
“Funai [National Indian Foundation] has not entered any resources to defend ourselves,” said the President of the President of the Association of indigenous communities of Kadiweu #ACIRK #, Francisco Matchua. “Our fear is of police violence”. Do have already talked about that it was going to stay here, and what they [police] have spoken? He spoke of ‘If you stay there, we have sent you, we are going to have to take you there’. We are suspicious that violence will come to our side. Because the staff said that they not leave the Earth “, exposed.”
“Justice is not in favour of the Indians”
Second determination of the Federal Court, about 60 families must leave the area approved by the passage of State and he invaded illegally by farmers.
In a controversial decision, federal judge Adriana Datta Tarrico ruled in favour of livestock, justifying that “now approved understanding does not mean, in any way, signs that is right, mainly because it will not be in these documents before the Court that the property will be set, but, Yes, only the possession”. Even so, keep out the depreciation against the Kadiweu.
“Whites talk about having the title of the land.” In fact, United States has or what debate. The land is ours, was approved “.” According to the natives, the lands are more than twenty years in the hands of these farmers. “Whites have used enough.” Now comes “, says the President of the Association.”
The resumption of 23 farms this year, has been found by indigenous strategy to educate Brazilian society on the need to address the “excessive and unexplained delay in defining the legal situation [of]”, as clarified the public Federal Ministry #MPF #, in a statement.
“Justice is not in favour of the Indians.” Justice is in favour of the farmers, “says Captain Amadeus Kadiwéu.”Sorry for the justice Brazilian are not in favour of the Indians. I don’t know to what extent does it. United States heading for annihilation “.”
The war of the Paraguay
“The judicial officer led the document saying that we have to leave our land, we conquered fighting for the country”. The master refers to the participation of indigenous peoples in the Paraguay war.
Historical documents show that the territory of the Kadiweu was donated to them even in the second empire, by Dom Pedro II, as a reward for participation of the indigenous, next to Brazil, in the war of the Paraguay, in 1864.
“We have earlier, fought on the side of the State, in the war of the Paraguay.” Thanks to this struggle, Mato Grosso do Sul is part of Brazil and not from Paraguay. That is why that has Brazil, “follow the Kadiweu.”
“He fought with the Brazilian Army, he defended the motherland.” That’s why today is in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. If this is not our fight, our ancestors, here was the territory of the Paraguay “, he explains.”
“But if in the past, we fought together, we are now fighting against them.” We didn’t get to this point, but now our fight is against the officers, the soldiers, the Government “, concludes the captain.”
The land was officially recognized by the Brazilian Government in 1899. On the other hand, the participation of the Kadiweu in the fighting in the war of the Paraguay, the Government of the State of Mato Grosso # covering the area of the Mato Grosso do Sul, composing a single State # had delimited territory and, the following year, the protected Park. In 1903, it was approved by decree that determined recognition of indigenous ownership of the area, as well as the limits of the Earth.
“The limits are very clear because they are natural limits.” To the North, the Naitaca River; to the South, the Aquidabán River. To the West, the Paraguay River and to the East the Bodoquena plateau, “says Francis.”
The area of the Kadiweu has its limits invaded at least since 1914, when it was a new demarcatorio of work, so that part of the Earth-approaching of 140 thousand hectares – could be sold to the American company promotion of Argentine Sud S.A.. There began the various conflicts that the Kadiweu suffering historically.
Because of conflicts, in 1931, the then Government of Mato Grosso state ratified the Government Act 1903, confirming that those were reserved for the enjoyment of indigenous lands. This new decree justifies the demarcation of 1903 significantly: “this Act was of high political wisdom, as with elle ceased hostilities between Caiueos and civilized, the quaes came to lead the forces of the army mobilizaco with serious damage on both sides”. I.e., the security of the territory ceased to conflicts with the natives, reacendidos by the new demarcation and confused.
Today, is invaded at least 30% of Indian territory. 538,5 Million hectares, almost 160 thousand are used in animal husbandry. Farmer invasions occur at least since the 1950s. Reports that both the India protection of service #SPI # for the territorial occupation of Funai oficializavam, leasing land to cattle ranchers.
Hundreds of invaders occupied the land; their attackers, irregular, titles of property in indigenous areas, on behalf of third parties, offices of neighbouring municipalities; Government leased land protection to large farmers. Finally, the raids of legal and political pressure from farmers tenants for the expulsion of the Kadiweu of the own territory.
Registered in notary’s Office
In 1984 put end to doubt limits caused by erroneous demarcation of 1914, the Funai made the original demarcation of the milestones of the reaviventacao. In 1983, the indigenous body published the plant from the ground, with little more than 538 thousand hectares. In 1984, the President of the Republic has approved the land registered in the registry. Once identified, delimited, demarcated, approved and registered in notary’s Office, it was definitely in the hands of indigenous lands Kadiweu.
Later that year, farmers, who filed action to discuss the demarcation of the invalidity of you within the limits of the area. A total of 585 thousand hectares, 155 thousand entered the conflict. Registered land on behalf of the European Union, exclusive use of the Indians, but occupied by about 120 cattle. Since 1987, deleted, then, in the Supreme Court, an action that was never tried. Also the explosion of the area never came.
The exploitation of the land approved by the breeding of animals has raised acute destruction of fauna and flora of the territory. In 2011, the joint operation of the Brazilian Institute of environment friendly #Ibama # and Funai caught the destruction of tens of hectares of forests on a farm in the Kadiweu, besides it selective timber in the area. Those responsible were fined and it seized their computers. Still illegal removal of wood in the contiguous zone of 46.7 was discovered hectares. Those responsible were fined $625 billion and was apprehended the bulldozer used to DeForest.
During the modified survey may, the MPF of Mato Grosso do Sul also found a series of irregularities and environmental crimes carried out by farmers. To open pastures, great part of the cerrado, biome typical of the region, was devastated.
Several clear were found in the forest for the extraction of native species. According to environmental legislation, cutting down native trees may be made only with the handling or permission of the competent environmental agency plan. In one of the farms, was also found airstrip with almost a kilometre in length. Indigenous lands, even if they do not, the letters of the Federal Constitution, areas of permanent preservation #APPs #, are the best preserved in the country, according to data from Ibama and suffering with indiscriminate action of invaders.

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