Guarani-Kaiowá ~update Funai wants to appeal


10/17/2012 7:14 pm -updated 10/17/2012 7:20 pm

Funai wants to appeal against that decision out of area Indians in MS

In a letter, community Announces “collective demise” If eviction happens. The owner of the raided lands does not believe in confrontation or suicide.

The G1 MS

The National Indian Foundation (Funai) said it plans to appeal against a decision of Justice, of the day on September 29, which requires the withdrawal of guarani-kaiowá Indians in Iguatemi, 466 km from Campo Grande. According to Prosecutor Rafael De Marchi, Funai, the intention of the institution is to resort together with the public prosecutor’s Office so that the deadline for it to be opened.

The Indians occupied about 5 thousand sq m of Finance according to Osmar owner Cambará Bonamigo. Due to the request of repossession, the Atyguaçu leaders, acting as a Board of rights in question, sent a letter to the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi) saying that there will be “collective demise” If the output of the land is really effective.

As the Coordinator of the CIMI in Mato Grosso do Sul, Francis M, the Council was very concerned with the contents of the letter. “We understand that this death was announced in a press conference. They are ready to resist any attempt to dump. Every group is aware that there is a territory, where their ancestors were buried, so it gives them courage to it all, “said the G1.

Machado says that the decision was autonomous and taken consciously by community members. “They say that this chance to come out of the land does not exist, is disregarded. And the issue of deaths also does not cease to be a possibility of collective suicide, facing a historical picture of a guarani-kaiowá commits suicide every 6.5 days, “he said.

Dispute Bonamigo has a 700-acre farm that lies within the area of 30 thousand hectares demanded by indigenous people. “We have documents and images that have already been disclosed by the press of the day of the invasion. There were two busloads of Indians “, told the G1.

For Bonamigo, the letter would have been made to motivate people. “I don’t think there’s that possibility of combat or suicide. The question would be of sensationalism to draw attention, “he said.

Yet as the owner, the judge’s decision determined that Funai’s liability shall be fulfilled. “I have never believed that fixes an injustice starting another injustice. The question of the protection of the Indians is that Funai is not playing the role that it should. If I have to deliver even the Earth, that I am at least indemnified “, exclaimed.

According to the lawyer of Bonamigo, Armando Albuquerque, Justice warrant has already been issued, but not yet delivered to the Indians. “So the bailiff to deliver, they will have a period of 30 days to vacate. If this does not happen, a fine of $ 500 per day must be paid. There will be no use of police force, unless it is more forward request by officer, “he said.

The G1 has attempted to contact Funai sector who could comment on the contents of the letter and the outcome of the decision. However, the information passed on is that the two people responsible for speaking on the matter are sick and could speak only on Thursday (18).

See letter submitted to CCME in its entirety:

“Letter of Guarani-Kaiowá community of Pyelito Kue/Mbarakay-Iguatemi-MS for the Government and Justice of Brazil
We (50 men, 50 women and 70 children) Guarani-Kaiowá originating communities of tekoha Pyelito kue/Mbrakay, came across this letter to our historical situation and a final decision before the dispatch order expressed by the Federal Court of Nagesh-MS, as case # 0000032-87.2012.4.03.6006, September 29, 2012. We received the information that our community will soon be attacked, raped and thrown out of the river by the Federal Court, Nagesh-MS. Thus, it is clear to us that the Federal Court action itself generates and increases the violence against our lives, ignoring our rights to survive the River Hovy and around our traditional territory Pyelito Kue/Mbarakay. We understand clearly that this decision of the Federal Court of Nagesh-MS is part of the action of extermination and genocide history to indigenous, native and indigenous people of Mato Grosso do Sul State, i.e. the Federal Court action itself is raping and exterminated and our lives. We want to make clear to the Government and Federal Court that finally, we have lost the hope to survive with dignity and without violence in our territory, we do not believe anymore in Brazilian justice. Whom we denounce the violence practiced against our lives? To which Justice of Brazil? If the Federal Court itself is generating and fuelling violence against us. We have evaluated our current situation and we concluded that we will die all the same in a short time, we do not have, nor will have decent living and fair perspective both here on the river bank as far from here. We camped at 50 metres from the River Hovy where there have been four deaths, two of them through suicide and two as a result of beatings and torture of gunmen of the farms. We live by the River Hovy for over a year now and we are without any assistance, isolated, surrounded by gunmen and have endured until today. Eat food once a day we spent it all to retrieve our old territory Pyleito Kue/Mbarakay. In fact, we know very well that in the center of that our old territory are buried several our grandfathers, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-grandparents, there are cemeteries of all our ancestors. Aware of this historical fact, we have come and we want to be dead and buried together with our ancestors right here where we are today, so we ask the Government and the Federal Court not to grant an order of eviction/eviction, but we ask to enact our collective death and bury us all here. We ask, once and for all, to enact our decimation and total extinction, as well as send several bulldozers to dig a large hole to play and bury our bodies. This is our request to federal judges. As we await the decision of the Federal Court. Enact our collective death Guarani Kaiowá Kue/Pyelito and Mbarakay and bury us here. Since we decided to fully do not leave here alive and not dead. We know that we have no more chance to survive in dignity here in our territory, has already suffered a lot and we’re all massacred and dying at an accelerated pace. We know that we will be expelled from the river for Justice, but we’re not going to get out of the River. As a native and indigenous people, we decided to merely be killed collectively here. We have no other option this is our latest unanimous decision on the order of the Federal Court of Nagesh-MS.
Guarani-Kaiowá from Kue Pyelito/Mbarakay “


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