Note on the meeting of 16 October day at the construction site of the UH Belo Monte

Nota sobre a reunião do dia 16 de outubro no canteiro de obras da UH Belo Monte.

Note on the meeting of 16 October day at the construction site of the UH Belo Monte

Up to the present time, the notes that were disclosed on the conciliation Hearing held at Altamira this afternoon (16/10) were extracted from sources linked to the North. According to these notes, the company and the Indians reached an agreement in which the company is “committed” to fulfilling the requests of indigenous groups as well as the constraints upon the eviction of the construction site of the Pimental. As for the other groups, among them fishermen, another meeting will be held tomorrow (17/10) to decide about their claims.

Everything was transferred in O Globo portals [] and [] UOL, as something that had really taken as consensus between the parties, with only a small difference that the Globe reported that some dilemmas persist, so the issue may not yet be resolved. However, contrary to what was reported, extraoficiais sources claim that the meeting was terrible for the parties which of course are already at a disadvantage in this clash. According to these new information arrived, the Federal Police has restricted the presence of lawyers and filming. Was only permitted the entry of the caciques, a fisherman and a lawyer. The company already had several representatives, who, according to our sources, filmed everything, besides act with sarcasm, giggling during the meeting.

As for FUNAI, which theoretically should strengthen indigenous demands, just sent a summary of unauthorized claims, being his participation and that of MP completely below expectations, seeming even Submissives to posture of the company’s authority. The resolutions submitted at the hearing, the company again undertook to comply with the constraints, introducing new dates so that they are met. It is worth remembering that the constraints should have been performed prior to the commencement of the works, as part of the requirements so that she could begin. Now, already at an advanced stage of construction of the Belo Monte dam, the company introduces a new schedule that will ensure that the occupants ‘ demands are met, since the interest is finished concreting works of cofferdams, before the full period of Xingu begins, making the continuity of works and even resulting in the loss of what has been accomplished so far. This leads us to conclude that everything is nothing more than a company’s strategy to buy time and achieve complete this phase of the cofferdams.

According to our informants, the climate is of sadness in the occupation, people are tired, and many believe that the natives should vacate the construction site tomorrow. But we have to wait, because tomorrow will be the official reading of the minutes of the meeting of today and the eviction depends on the signature of the same. It is also important to reinforce that the meeting with the other occupants tomorrow are you going to define if this occupation continues or not by fishermen and other groups, regardless of the output of the indigenous.

By Sabrina Marquez


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