Conciliation hearing with demonstrators here on Wednesday

Published in October 17, 2012

The conciliation hearing between the North energy and traditional communities and indigenous protesters, occupying the caisson of Pimental from day 8, was stopped late on Tuesday, 16, and shall be resumed at 2:0 pm this Wednesday, 17.

Given the order of the federal court, the meeting was chaired by the federal prosecutor of Funai, Sait da Guarda (the judge Hakanson, prevented from being present), and was attended by two proxies of the Federal Public Ministry, a representative of Ibama, a public defender and Funai’s local servers, as well as representatives of North energy, indigenous leaders and three representatives of fishermenriverine and farmers.

The Federal Police, with effective two delegates and three undercover police, tried to prevent the participation of two lawyers of the demonstrators, but after the intervention of the MPF was allowed the presence of advocate Maira Irigaray. Lawyer Roberta Amanajás, who represents the communities affected by the Belo Monte dam in international human rights systems, was deleted, which is unconstitutional.

According to Irigaray, the start of the hearing was marked by a climate of tension when regional coordinator of Funai inAltamira, Estella Libardi de Souza, announced that he had boiled down to list of indigenous demands and brought to justice only those relating to obligations of the North. Were left out of the regularization requirements tariff and other relating to obligations of Funai, as well as those concerning the judiciary, how quickly the vote of several public civil actions and action on indigenous oitivas, waiting for consideration of the merits by the Supreme Court (STF). (here’s the full text of the claims).

According to the lawyer, the claims of the premises of schools, health centers, water supply and sanitary sewage and light, provided for in the basic environmental Plan (PBA), have been postponed to the end of the first half of 2013, the company pledged to finalise the projects of the works until April of next year.

Since the creation of the Monitoring Committee of the constraints, creating a communication plan with indigenous peoples about activities of Belo Monte and the implementation of the plan for the monitoring and surveillance of indigenous lands, with indigenous training and hiring people, shall be conveyed in new meeting at day 30 October.

For the Attorney of the MPF Thais Santi, the natives really are facing a serious situation since no emergency plans – allocation of resources and food to the villages – in September, without that the PBA has been started. “Norte Energia acknowledged the delay, but it is serious that the PBA simply stood for 2013. Anyway, it was a victory for the Indians that the company returned to include Route Iriri on mitigation actions, since the villages of that region had been excluded “.

Continuity of the audience Due to lack of light, which had not been installed by North energy – which also defied the court order to provide water to the protesters, the hearing was adjourned in the early evening with several pending Indian tariff points. Furthermore, none of the non-native communities ‘ demands was discussed, which led those present to mark the continuation of the hearing to the 2:0 pm this Wednesday. Despite the insistence of Funai for the minutes of the meeting were read and signed by the Indians, the leaders refused to sign the document, which must occur at the beginning of the afternoon.

For the protesters, issues such as the closure of the caisson without completing transposition schema, the situation of indigenous people settled and not mainly the obligations of Funai were crucial points not discussed yesterday, and many indigenous peoples, despite the willingness to leave the caisson on Wednesday, are unhappy.

For today’s meeting, the concern of the protesters is the possible absence of authorities designated by the judge to attend, once circulated information that the federal prosecutor of Funai had left Altamira. “Regardless of being debated the indigenous agenda on Tuesday, we understand that the hearing continues today and is necessary the presence of the federal prosecutor of Funai and other designated authorities,” says Irigaray.


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