Conanda go to Altamira (PA) to discuss impact of the Belo Monte dam in the exploitation of children and adolescents


Conanda go to Altamira (PA) to discuss impact of the Belo Monte dam in the exploitation of children and adolescents

10/17/2012-5:52 pm

Mariana Tokarnia Brazil Agency reporter

Brasilia-the National Council on the rights of the child and adolescent (Conanda), the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic (SDH), performs, starting tomorrow (18), House in Altamira, Pará, to discuss the impact of major projects in execution in the State, primarily hydroelectric power plant of Belo Monte, the exploitation of children and adolescents.

Participate in the activities of members, counselors of tutelary Conanda municipalities in the region, security agents and members of the community. The meeting continues until Friday (19), always from 9:0, at the Cultural Center of Altamira and on campus location of Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA).

In the region, the data of child labour and sexual exploitation more than doubled after the commencement of the works, the second estimate of the Guardian Council of Altamira. The main cause is the presence of about 200 thousand people involved with the works, most of them men, according to Conanda.

According to the tutelary counselor in Altamira, Lucenilda Lima, “the majority of cases that reach the Council is related to work, workers who use, luring, exploit children and adolescents”. According to her, “Altamira must be seen with different eyes”.

The goal of the authorities is to mobilize Conanda community for joint action. “We know that great works bring impacts such as sexual violence, murder, domestic violence, and child labour. The service network of municipalities and the State is unable to meet the demands, “explains the President of Conanda, Miriam Maria José dos Santos.

Will be invited to the House mnicípios 11 residents of the lower Xingu. “We will prioritize the structuring of conseils in municipalities that do not yet have a structured system of Justice,” said the National Human Rights Ombudsman, Bruno Renato Teixeira.

According to him, next year, the SDH will organize caravans of citizenship that they will visit the counties offering professional training, document issuance and service right to the population by psychologists, social workers and lawyers. The goal is the integration of those who are not yet served by social programs.

From the discussions in the Assembly, will be drafted the Letter of Altamira do Xingu in defense of children and adolescents. Also will be part of the agreement, the venturers of the electricity sector. On the occupation of the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant and other conflicts that involve traditional communities, Conanda claims that will not be discussed in the visit.

Editing: David Oliveira


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