Forest Code ~ veto 9

Dilma veta 9 items of the forest code; legal vacuum supply Decree

October 17, 2012 8:40 pm last updated 8:50 pm

Diogo Alcantara   Direct from Brasilia

President Dilma Rousseff on Wednesday vetoed nine points of the new forest code, which tramitou in Congress after sending a provisional measure (MP). Deputies and Senators “ruralists” had changed the subject so that the Government considered the text forgiving the deforestation rates. The legal vacuums that remain with the cuts will be decided by a decree to be published tomorrow and also by other acts to be taken by the Government.

According to the Minister of environment Izabella Teixeira, the nine vetoes are considered “few”, the number of changes made in Parliament. “What we believe that Congress made that contributes and that doesn’t hurt the principles of combating deforestation, Amnesty and social inclusion was maintained,” he said.

On August 29, a Joint Committee approved a version of the MP, who displeased the Government by modifying the device that establishes different rules for recovery of margins of rivers according to the size of the estate, named “stepladder”. While the original text provided that medium-sized producers, with 4 to 15 properties tax modules 20 m recompusessem, the new version matches the requirement to small producers, with compulsory recovery 15 m.

The rule of the stepladder will return to the original molds with the decree to be published in the Diário Oficial da União . “We shouldn’t reduce environmental protection for medium and large landowners”. Another veto by the President is on reforestation. In Congress, lawmakers allowed the permanent preservation areas were restored by fruit trees. Izabella came to call these areas as “Orchard”.

The edition of the acts by the Executive gives string to another episode of the soap opera of the forest code. In August, a day after the adoption of the text with changes in the Joint Committee the President Dilma Rousseff reached the charge by written explanations of Ministers who were in charge of the subject: Izabella Teixeira, the environment, and Ideli Salvatti, Institutional relations-responsible for articulating government policy.

The episode was the public because photographers saw the ticket sent to the Minister by the President. “Why the newspapers are saying that there was an agreement yesterday in Congress about the forest code? I don’t know of anything? “asked Beth, on occasion.,,OI6236429-EI306,00-Dilma+veta+itens+do+Codigo+Florestal+decreto+suprira+vacuo+legal.html


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