Indians invade Funai in Valadares and make two security guards hostage

10/18/2012 12:18 -updated 10/18/2012 12:19

Indians invade Funai in Valadares and make two security guards hostage

About 100 Indian village stormed the place to 6:0 this Thursday (18). They require the ex-head of Funai in Valadares, Tureta Etelvira.

Diego SouzaThe G1 mine Valleys

A group of Tupiniquim and Guarani Indians, in the region of Aracruz in Espírito Santo and Pataxós of Carmésia, Minas Gerais, broke into the headquarters of Funai (National Indian Foundation in Governador Valadares, East of the State. About 100 Indians invaded the place to 6:0 this Thursday (18), and two local guards as hostages so far.

Por volta das 6h os índios quebraram o cadeado do portão e invadiram o prédio da Funai (Foto: Diego Souza)Around 6:0 the Indians broke the padlock of the Gate and stormed the building (photo: Diego Souza)

The Indians require the presence of a representative of Funai in Brasilia-DF in Valadares. He wants the head of Funai, Tureta Etelvira. “She converses with the Indians and not in relation. We want the output of it or the exoneration. We do not agree with some of her actions. Our health is very bad and the Funai here is not meeting our expectations. We took this measure after several attempts to meet with the Etelvira, but she always desmarcava “, explains the Cacique Sezenando.

O delegado da Polícia Federal, Cristiano Campidelli e o major Wagner Fabiano negociam com os índios (Foto: Diego Souza)Delegate Callahan and the major Wagner deals with the Indians (photo: Diego Souza)

When the Indian village arrived in Funai found the gates locked. They broke the padlock and raided the place. The two bodyguards were taken to the second floor of the building and are kept as hostages. “We do not want violence, but a peaceful movement. However, if the police invade will put at risk the lives of two security guards. They are fine, are being fed and even spoke by phone with their relatives, “says one of the Indians.

Os índios exigem a saída da chefe da Funai em Valadares, Etelvira Tureta (Foto: Diego Souza)The Indians are demanding the head of Funai in V Etelvira, Tureta (Photo: Diego Souza)

The delegate of the Federal Police, Christine Callahan, and the Commander of the 5th Company of Special Missions, major Wagner Fabian, are in place and are negotiating with the Indians. The Indians have asked police to make contact with the Funai in Brasilia and that provide food. “Have children and pregnant women here and we don’t have to feed them, so we want to 150 marmitex”, requires the cacique.

Around 11:20 the Indians told the press that the police made with Funai, but that the Foundation did not accept the demands. The two security guards remain hostages of the Indians.


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