Third child dies indigenous group abandoned after vote on AM


0/18/20121:56 pm

Third child dies indigenous group abandoned after vote on AM



An indigenous ethnic maiuruna child died on Tuesday (16) with diarrhea during the return trip to his village in the region of Atalaia do Norte, in the southwest of the Amazon.

It is the third death recorded in less than a week in an indigenous group that received the candidate fuel to travel by boat and vote in the city in the first round. The Indians, however, were without funds to return.

At least a thousand Indians lived camped so improvised in Atalaia do Norte. Today there are about a hundred, according to Funai (National Indian Foundation), which is monitoring the situation. Health teams have detected an outbreak of diarrhoea in the group.

Some people ended up in hospital. However, the child died on Tuesday returned in a canoe before presenting symptoms, according to the Special Indigenous sanitary district in the Javari Valley, an agency linked to the Ministry of health. The boat ride to the village takes up to ten days.


Clovis Marubo/Univaja

Índios acampam em canoas após ficarem sem dinheiro para voltar para casa, no Amazonas

Indians camp in canoes after leaving no money to return home, in Amazonas


The district didn’t inform the child’s age. The Coordinator of the organ, Herodotus Jean, said that they were in Atalaia do Norte in poor hygienic conditions.

A fourth child, an indigenous inhabitant of the city, died this month with the same frame.

Give or offer money or advantage to get votes is a crime. Funai says that Federal Police and prosecutors investigate who are the candidates involved.


Indians who traveled days to vote for AM are with diarrhea outbreak
Indigenous group children die without money to return to villages after vote
Indians who have gasoline to vote no are back




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