Waimiri Atroari~ The report provides for the construction of BR-174 with ‘ massacre ‘ of the Indians


10/17/2012 10:24 pm -updated 10/17/2012 10:24 pm

MPF-AM receives report on deaths of Indians during the period of the dictatorship

The document must establish people’s rights violations Waimiri Atroari-. The report provides for the construction of BR-174 with ‘ massacre ‘ of the Indians.

The G1 AM

Membro do Comitê da Verdade, Memória e Justiça do Amazonas entrega relatório para procurador da República (Foto: Divulgação/MPF)Board member of truth, memory and Justice of the Amazon delivery report (Photo: disclosure/MPF)

The Federal Prosecutor in Amazonas (MPF/AM) received on Wednesday (17), the first Report of the Committee of truth, memory and Justice, which recounts the Waimiri Atroari-genocide. The document was delivered to the assessor of the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic, R Van Wyk, representing the National Commission of truth.

The data contained in the report will be added to those already existing in the civil proceedings public inquiry in September this year, by Prosecutor Julio José Araujo Junior, to establish the liability of the State for the violations of the rights of indigenous people the Waimiri-Atroari during construction of Highway BR-174, which connects Manaus to Boa Vista. “The report adds to bring documents that can instruct this investigation and that help to elucidate what happened during this period,” he said.

He pointed out that the MPF/AM has been following the work of the Truth Commission, across the country, and adopting measures, both civil and criminal, to investigate human rights violations during the military dictatorship period.

Pioneer The first Report of the Committee of truth, memory and Justice of Amazonas was presented and handed over to representatives of the MPF/AM, the National Commission of truth and of the Bar Association of Brazil-Amazonas Association (OAB/AM), during ceremony on Wednesday at the Auditorium of the organ, with the presence of the members of the Committee, representatives of various civil society organisations, academicspoliticians and students.

The report, which has more than 100 attached documents and more than 200 documents referenced, the disappearance of more than 2 000 members of the Waimiri Atroari indigenous people-and establishes the relationship between the construction of BR-174 with the ‘ massacre ‘ of the Indians.

During the event, R Van Wyk said that the report delivered by the Committee is symbolic and paradigmatic. “Is the first report of a Committee that the National Commission of truth receives. Generally, the committees deliver documents, but not a robust report. In addition, it is the first report focused on the indigenous issue, “he said.

The aide also said the partnership with the MPF/AM. “The presence of the public prosecution service is essential because the Truth Commission has no competence to lead the judiciary. In addition, it is worth noting that the Prosecutor’s dialogue with society and, particularly, on a topic that a part of the State refuses to have a dialogue, “he said.

Present at the event, the regional Attorney for the rights of the citizen, Felipe de Barros Carvalho Pinto, reaffirmed the commitment of the organ to accompany the work of the Commission. “We hope that from the dialogue of the National Commission of truth with the MPF, have already started, may arise concrete actions to clarify the society, empowering those who should be held accountable and help reconstruct the truth of the history of the country,” he added.






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