Gunmen Attack Guarani~

 INDIANS are ATTACKED by GUNMEN on Thursday Oct 18 2012

Guarani families of Paez Mato Groso do Sul are, since the end of the afternoon of Thursday, 18, under new attack by gunmen. Second report of Indians who are in place, the action of gunfighters began yesterday, 17, when gunmen raided the camp, shooting upwards. While the Indians corríam, the pistoleWel took the belongings of families and set fire to all the huts. Today, in the morning, when families have returned to the camp to rebuild it, a group of gunmen appeared. “There was conflict with the gunmen,” reports the Guarani Timothy Patil. “They arrived full of gun. We don’t have any. On the run a [gunman] was and we’ve managed to hold. Call the National Force and deliver it “. The problem was when the National Strength has left the place and the gunmen returned to the area resumed. “Now we are in front of armed gunmen. We are facing the front of the gunman. They are the pocurando leaders. They are hidden because they are wanting to catch “. Second Timothy, about 20 gunmen are in place. A few yards away, about 50 adults with their children remain in place. “We’re going to stay awake in front of the gunmen. We will be making the security. We know that anything can happen. ” Indigenous peoples demand the return of National Strength.


“We kill and bury collectively”
Facing eviction from Holy lands, Indians decide on death, and asked to be buried at the site.
“We know that we will be expelled from the river for Justice, but we’re not going to get out of the River. As a native and indigenous people, we decided to merely be killed collectively here. We have no other option, this is our last round unanimous decision on the order of the Federal Court of Nagesh-MS. ” This is the statement of the indigenous community for the Government and the Federal judiciary. “
“Eat food once a day we spent this day-by-day to regain our territory former Pyleito Kue/Mbarakay. In fact, we know very well that in the center of that our old territory are buried several of our grandmothers and grandfathers, great grandfathers and great grandfathers, there are cemeteries of all our ancestors. Aware of this historical fact, we and we want to be dead and buried together with our ancestors right here where we are today, so we ask the Government and the Federal Court not to grant an order of eviction/eviction, but we ask the Decree of our collective and death to bury here. We ask, once and for all, to enact our decimation/total extinction, as well as send several bulldozers to dig a large hole to play and bury our bodies. This is our request to federal judges.
“Already we are awaiting this decision. So, if it is to enact our collective and Guarani Kaiowá death Pyelito Kue/Mbarakay ask that we bury all here. Since we decided to get out of this place not fully alive nor dead. We know that we have no more chance to survive in dignity here in our territory, has already suffered a lot and we’re all massacred and dying so fast. ” (Letter of the community).
Guarani-Kaiowá Community Charter of Pyelito Kue/Mbarakay-Iguatemi-MS for the Government and Justice of Brazil:
Community Charter of Piraju-Golden-MS Step vis-à-vis the eviction order from the Federal Court of the FRR 3 Sao Paulo:
International Committee of solidarity with the people of Guarani Kaiowá and:
Film about the assassination of leader Nísio Gomes and Kaiowá fight Kaiowa and Guarani peoples in Mato Grosso do Sul for the demarcation of their traditional territories. Felipe Martinez and Paul P-the match Guarani:
Video: Save Dilma, those who will die salute you:

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