Indians release hostages of Funai

10/18/2012 7:13 pm -updated 10/19/2012 07:29

Indians release hostages of Funai in exchange for food, in the East of Minas

Two security guards have been held hostage since early Thursday morning. Indians were asking for the removal of the current Secretary of Funai in the region.

The G1 Valleys of Minas Gerais

Polícia Federal tentando um acordo para libertar os reféns (Foto: Thais Böhm)Federal Police attempts to an agreement to free the hostages (photo: Thais Böhm)

The pataxó Indians, Guarani and Tupiniquim shed at 6:0 pm, the two bouncers of Funai, who have been taken hostage since the beginning of the morning this Thursday (18), in exchange for food. The Federal Police had prevented the entry of food until the release of the prisoners.

In the afternoon, during the negotiations, the military police closed the block from Israel Pinheiro street corner with Graça Aranha Street Eduardo Carlos Pereira in the Esplanade, in Valadares.

Around 5:30 pm, the military returned with indigenous leaders and reported that the hostages would be released. The main claim of the Indians is the removal of Secretary of Funai, Tureta Etelvira.

According to the Prosecutor’s request was not acted upon and a series of negotiations to improve the situation of the Indians in the village, will be initiated.

According to the Regional delegate of the Federal Police, Christine Callahan, the agreement is that the Indians release the headquarters of Funai until the morning of Friday (19).

According to the Federal Police, the prisoners have not suffered attacks or were beaten. The Indians occupy the headquarters of funai since at 8:30 Thursday morning.

Índios libertando os reféns (Foto: Thais Böhm)Indians release hostages (photo: Thais Böhm)

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