Fifa denies Cabral and States that didn’t ask for demolition of the Museu do Índio

18/10 to 8:30 pm-Updated on 18/10 to 09:07 pm

Fifa denies Cabral and States that didn’t ask for demolition of the Museu do Índio

Leading soccer entity says he never called for demolition of the building next to Maracanã

Jornal do Brazi   Igor Mello

Governor Sérgio Cabral said, during a ceremony on the morning of Thursday (18), the State Government demolirá the old building of the Museu do Índio, neighbor to Maracana, on account of the preparations for the World Cup. On occasion, Cabral justified the decision by a determining fact FIFA disproved by leading soccer entity:

“The Indian Museum, near the Maracana Stadium, will be demolished. Will turn an area of mobility and free movement of persons. It is a requirement of Fifa and the Local Organizing Committee. Viva democracy, but the building has no historical value, is not protected by anyone. Let’s overthrow, “said the Governor.

Índios prometem lutar até o fim para evitar a demolição de antigo prédio do museu, que hoje abriga uma aldeia. Fotos: Douglas Shineidr / Jornal do Brasil

Cabral will have political difficulties to make its decision. The approximately twenty Indians who inhabit the land of the former Museum, renamed the village Maracana, ensure that it will abandon the space and promise to resist. Afenso Apurinã, one of the leaders of the community, say that the Governor is willing to meet the interest of businessmen who supported his election.

Another promising react is the public defender Andrew Ordacgy, holder of the first Office of human rights and Collective Responsibility that promises to go to court against the decision of the Governor.

Version conflict

The C version is going against a document sent by FIFA to the public defender of the Union (DPU), obtained exclusively by the Jornal do Brazil. The letter, signed by Fulvio Danilas, Director of the Office of FIFA in Brazil, the entity belies this thesis:

Excerpt from document shows that FIFA is against the demolition of the Museu do Índio

According to the federal public defender Ordacgy, the DPU will go into Federal Court to prevent the demolition of the building, which has over one hundred years old and houses about 20 Indians of various ethnicities:

“We will propose a public civil action, with a request for an injunction in Federal Court. Will be a request for not doing, namely, that the Government cannot demolish the historic building. Also ask the listing, the preservation and recovery of the property. The Government will have to recover it, because the law says that it is the obligation of the owner to recover the property, “he says.

According to Ordacgy, all technical bodies are opposed to demolition and attest that the building, which is located at Rua Mata Machado, can be retrieved:

“It is a disrespect to the cultural and architectural preservation of the municipality. All organs, with the exception of the State Government, are opposed to the demolition. We have an opinion of the Regional Council of engineering and Agronomy (Crea) opposed to the demolition. Also the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan) is against “lists.

Up the Instituto Estadual do Patrimônio Histórico (Inepac) opposes the Governor’s decision. In response to Office of public defender of the Union, the technical body ensures that it is in favour of preserving the building and who asked, even your tipping. However, points out that “there was no continuation in higher spheres”


Responsible for the historical patrimony of the State of Rio, Inepac recommended the preservation of the building

Questioned about the Fifa document, the Governor’s Press Office gave the new version. According to her, the decision to vacate the place has nothing to do with the footballing entity. The demolition aims to facilitate the ‘ mobility ‘, that is, locomotion of people throughout the region.

Indians: “there are interests of businessmen”

Apurinã explains that the Indians will remain in place. “We will fight until the end. It is a matter of justice. For many years we are humiliated and massacred, they don’t appreciate our culture. At the closing ceremony of the Olympics in London, funk took to represent the Brazilian culture, but the Indian culture they don’t divulge “asks.

Originally from Boca do Acre, in the Amazon, he accuses the Governor of wanting to destroy the indigenous culture, in favour of private interests:

“The Governor is building cultural centers in several places, but wants to destroy Indian culture. This is the interest of businessmen who supported his campaign. Will let entrepreneurs do what you want “, accuses.

Besides pledging to do demonstrations against the removal, the Indians also use the internet to protest. The Group organized a petition to try to prevent the demolition of the building.



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