Erika Kokay advocates effective ownership of land in MS by Guarani-Kaiowá Indians


Erika Kokay advocates effective ownership of land in MS by Guarani-Kaiowá Indians

Oct 23, 2012


Mrs Erika Kokay (PT-DF) denounced today in the plenary Chamber, the seriousness of the situation of indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá in Mato Grosso do Sul, and urged a quick solution to take effective ownership of their land.

“It is necessary to plot a strategy to return the land that was stolen, misused, so that the indigenous population to feed their way of being and your own life, and give a response to this population that pleads with the own life its ground,” said Mrs.

A Guarani-Kaiowá village is threatened with eviction, by court order, the area occupies in Cambará, on the banks of the River Hovy, Naviraí, Mato Grosso do Sul. The National Indian Foundation (Funai) appealed the decision. The Indians have decided to resist the eviction order and threaten, as a last resort, from the collective suicide.

Boyd noted that the indigenous “defend their past, their history, because history is the chance of human achievement. To be human is to be historical. When we break the possibility of recognizing our history and feel part of it are in taking the ability to recognize us as human beings. Recognize that we are Indians, we acknowledge our prelude “.

The Human Rights Committee, whose chairmanship is being exercised temporarily by Erika Kokay, has made efforts to solve the problem. “We were Already in State Committee of promotion of equality Étnicorracial (CEPIR), the Secretariat for human rights, the Public Ministry, with the Minister of Justice and with the judiciary to be an effective group work and give a response, which is part of the grief that we need to make of colonialism, slavery and dictatorship and recognize the power and contribution of indigenous people to our nation building”, said the PT.

“We have to implement all necessary actions so we can preserve life, but life in its depth, its beauty and its magic, not death in life, how they live today the Guarani-Kaiowá,” said Erika Kokay.

The Congresswoman announced that next week the Human Rights Committee (HRC) will meet with representatives of the Government of Mato Grosso do Sul to discuss the situation of the indigenous group.

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