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Everything has been said about the guarani-kaiowá. Nothing seems to inspire the “Brazilian civilization” that the extermination of this people is an unforgivable crime and the blood of its children falls on all of us.

It hurts in the soul read the letter of the community Pyelito kue “” Mbarakay, Iguatemi (MS), disclosed after the righteousness of Naviraí (MS) has determined that it is withdrawn from the edge of a river.

It’s one of those documents that testify to serious moments in the formation of the country, as reports of Straws and Contested, the revolt of the whip, slavery, dictatorship, of countless massacres and killings which dyes the floor of our homeland.

Hear the voice guarani-kaiowá: “(…) We assess our situation and we concluded that we will die all the same in a short time, we do not have, nor will have decent living and fair perspective both here on the river bank as far from here. We camped at 50 metres from the River Hovy, where there have been four deaths, and that two have died through suicide and two as a result of beatings and torture of gunmen of the farms. We live on the banks of this river Hovy for over a year, we are without any assistance, isolated, surrounded by gunmen and have endured until today. Eat food once a day. all that we spent day after day to regain our territory former Pyelito kue-Mbarakay “.

Where are the powers of the Republic, the political system, the large companies who claim to be saving the national economy? Where is the public? Where is the Brazilian cordial?

Listen: “(…) There are the cemeteries of all our ancestors. Aware of this historical fact, we have come and we want to be dead and buried together with our ancestors right here where we are today, so we ask the Government and the Federal Court not to grant an order of eviction/eviction, but we ask to enact our collective death and bury us all here. We ask, once and for all, to enact our decimation/total extinction, as well as send several bulldozers to dig a large hole to play and bury our bodies. This is our request to federal judges “.

There is one suicide every six days between the guarani-kaiowá. Almost 50 are killed per year. Countless assaults. Lack ethics, respect for life and responsibility towards the more fragile.

There are many anestesiadores of conscience always willing to minimize the seriousness of the situation, saying that the Indians are bluffing, that the “foreign Ngos” are behind, conspiring against Brazil.

The question is: how long will the genocide without doing anything? Every one knows whether it is a recipient of the inquiry and the extent to which participates in the reply.

MARINA SILVA writes on Fridays in this column.

Marina SilvaMarina Silva, former Senator, was Minister of environment in Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Government candidate for the Plateau in 2010.

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