MPF/RR joins with appeal to annul mining requests in the indigenous area


10/22/12-MPF/RR joins with appeal to annul mining requests in the indigenous area


Federal prosecutors joined with public civil action against the National Department of Mineral production (DNPM) and the Union to be refused all requests for authorisation of mineral exploration mining permit prospecting and mineral mining in Indian lands, as well as the suspension of legal effect mineral exploration authorisations which are in force at the Department. The Federal Court dismissed the application for prior protection, but the MPF/RR joined with appeal last week to reverse the decision.
According to the State Prosecutor Fernando Machiavelli P, this is a major concern not only from MPF/RR but of indigenous people suffering with pending applications for mining of mineral production. The matter was raised in the 7TH General Assembly of Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY) that celebrated the 20 years of approval of the Yanomami indigenous land (TIY).
According to the Prosecutor, the measure must be applied throughout the national territory, as there are in all Brazil, request records of mineral extraction, including with approval. As P is not the case of Roraima, but in there are 1,200 records of application for mineral extraction in indigenous area, pending demonstration that have precedence for possible mining authorization on the part of the Department of Mineral production (DNPM), an agency of the Ministry of mines and energy.
Even as the MPF/RR, there is no legal backing for the acceptance of these requests. The Federal Constitution requires the regulation of subject by law. Currently, this law is pending in the Federal Chamber without that has been approved.
In addition, there must be national Congress authorization specifies for each mining claim hypothesis and prior consultation, free and informed of the Indians, with Resolutive character. “Indigenous communities affected can decide for conducting or not of lavra, which is based on article 6 of the Convention of the International Labour Organization (ILO) No. 169”, reported.
According to Fernando Pacheco on Earth mining Machiavelli indígena illegally and unorganized brings a drastic effect of cultural, physical and environmental destruction of the Indians. “On being done in an organized manner and in major disasters, we will have an ethnocide-that would be the destruction of the culture of this people, and this is what the natives, especially the yanomami fear most,” he said.
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Media Advisory Attorney General of the Republic in Roraima (95) 3198-2045


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