Read the contents attached this picture, on the news that two people were chained, today, Wednesday-why there was a call here in the face (along the afternoon) for some independent media camera to registrar what was happening. What happened is that two people if all chained, in an act of protest, the Frei Caneca.
See testimonials from those who were there + proposed mobilizing street action + bad news.
“Via Rachel Ramos i: ones I went through there! was very good both the gesture of someone who is chained, as many people who were coming to see if I was alright and provide solidarity! It was talked of an organised mobilisation will be some federal agency.
“Via Rachel Ramos II: SHARING The LATEST NEWS POSTED By Kuana Kamayurá:
The event is ONLY in NOVEMBER 09 at MASP
Hace una hora approximately
PEOPLE ….. I have TERRIBLE news about the Guarani-kaiowás …
the second feature that was filed by MPF was refused by the FEDERAL COURT of the 3rd region located at Avenida PAULISTA and who refused was federal judge NEWTON DOS SANTOS, the same as in other action considered at the beginning of the year by the same court, had voted AGAINST the permanence of indigenous ownership in land under claim that “progress is required and cannot be interfered with for the sake of unproductive lands!”….
We will enter the third …. If it is refused, since it was decided at the meeting of the ultimate aty GH. …THEY WILL KILL THEMSELVES COLLECTIVELY but will not leave the Earth! …. the supposed suicide became an advertisement in FACT since they joined the idea that was rolling on the net …. and they will do!
so there was a mild change in expression of Sao paulo … concentration in the MASP the 13:00, followed by faria lima destined for UNICA, with a stop in front of the TRF-3, before heading to UNICA.
bring posters and banners with requests to JUDGE LUIS STEFANINI that he was one of those who voted in favour of the Indians in the last trial.

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