“If we’re going to kill themselves? No! We will deliver easy, “says Kaiowá Pyelito Kue

Report No. 1037: “If we’re going to kill themselves? No! We will deliver easy, “says Kaiowá Pyelito Kue

Uploaded by: Administrator at 10/25/2012. News source: Press Office/Ccme

By Ruy Sposati, of Brasilia
The situation of the Guarani Kaiowá and involving communities Step Piraju, Korá Brook, Potreto Guasu, Lady Supreme and, especially, Pyelito Kue, all in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, moved companies from around the world in the last week-and generated interpretations  vary on what they wanted to say the Indians with the letter that denounced the eviction of the village and the ‘ collective ‘ death of 170 people.
Members of Aty Guasu talked with Leader Lee-Rendy Apykaa, or “Lit Throne”, in Guarani-one of the main leaders of the Kue Pyelito community on the situation of the village, its problems, and expectations about the letter, the subject of several international mobilizations. The full conversation will be published in a video to be released by Aty Guasu.
In November, the complete community one year of revival of territory-and a year of many problems. “We don’t have [the village]. People who are sick have no where to go. Have no recourse. Children also have no where to study. Have no clothes. Funai baskets are not coming to the us. We do not have attendance of Funasa. But even so, we’re here, “says Leader Lee.
“We’re in a tight spot. The farmers didn’t want us open paths, does not want us to pass in the middle of the pasture. We have gone through by the River, “he explains. “Everything happens with us. Threats, not by natives, but by the farmer, threats by gunmen, threatening us. So, we guerreamos by our land “.
Collective suicide Asked about the interpretations that the Kaiowá Pyelito Kue would commit collective suicide, Apykaa explains the position of the community. “If we’re going to commit suicide? If we’re going to kill themselves? No, we will not do it, “he says. “If we surrender, we will deliver us not easy. It is because of the Earth that we are here, we are United with the same feeling and the same word to die on our land. This land is ours! “
“White people want to attack us. So we say: we die upon the Earth! But the idea of people kill themselves, or to commit suicide, we will not do. We die if farmers in attack. Then we can die! “
“Since the beginning we come in there, we are steadfast. The Community said it won’t give up. We want to resume the land that was of our grandparents, where our relatives died. We really want to occupy this land. Live really in this place! This earth is not whites, we and our ancestors. If we lose our lives is because of the Earth “, concludes Apykaa.

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