Guarani will only resist

Guarani will only resist

25.10.2012 | 18:41 Fernando Gabeira

Just return the Dourados, after a journey of 250 miles South, to visit the village guarani kaiuá, Puelito Kue that appeared on the internet as if you were preparing a collective suicide.

The village lies some hundred kilometers far from Paraguay and the Federal Court of Nagesh, Mato Grosso do Sul, has determined its output of the land it occupies. Was given cause to gain Samburá Farm that claimed possession of the land.

Are 170 50 Guarani men, 50 women and 70 children. They received me on the Bank of the Iowi River. You can’t reach them by land because the farmer blocked access by road.

The headman, Apycarewu, stated that the Group intends to defend to the death, but did not intend to commit suicide.

I was invited to visit the village but the technical problem: how to cross the River about 100 m wide, taking care not to wet the equipment?

The solution was to choose the camera lower and tie it into the cap of one of the guaranis. He has been anchoring on a wire stretched between the banks, including in the latter half which was quite deep.

I managed to make the report on the riverbank and finally completed with the images of smaller equipment. The River is relatively deep but the Sun was very hot and cross it was a pleasure.

I am preparing a reportage about the guaranis, editing pictures etc. The Justice ruled its output but not yet executed.

They fear for their safety because some have already been shot by gunmen. In addition, if someone seriously ill will be difficult to cross the River. No inflatable rafts or canoes.

On Saturday, we should mostar the full report.


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