Museu do Índio~


10/25/2012 7:49 pm -updated 10/26/2012 08:57

After announcing demolition, ad asks Union having the Museu do Índio

Area will serve to streamline the public output of the complex of maracana. Fifa says it never asked for demolition of the Museum; 60 Indians live on the site.

The G1 River
The public defender of the Union filed suit in Federal Court on Thursday (25), asking for the tipping of the old Indian Museum, alongside the Maracana Stadium, in the North zone of Rio. As he showed the Good Day River, the cvivil action asks the public space to be transformed into a cultural centre.

Last Monday (22), the State Government announced the demolition of the building, to meet international standards of public circulation. The area will serve to expedite the departure of people from the complex of Maracana, a requirement of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup.

In a statement, the State Government said that next Monday (29) will sign the deed of the land, which cost $ 60 million.

Fifa says it didn’t ask for demolition Over the past two years, the public defender of the Union tries to preserve the mansion. The International Football Federation (Fifa) has received a letter to give clarification on the case.

O governador Sergio Cabral anuncia a demolição do antigo Museu do Índio, na Praça da Bandeira, Zona Norte do Rio (Foto:  Pablo Jacob / Agencia O Globo)Indian Museum is in a bad state of conservation (photo: Pablo J/O Globo Agency)

In the document, the Fifa said that “never asked for the demolition of the Museum to the State Government and the preservation of buildings of cultural and historical value is in line with the objectives of the institution.”

“The Museum has recognized architectural, cultural, historical value. We have a report from the Regional Council of engineering and Agronomy, which is emphatic on this point, saying that the distance that it is not the Maracanã disturb the movement of people, “said public defender, Andre Ordacgy.

Abandonment in the Museu do Índio After more than 30 years of abandonment, what you see might not be different in the Indian Museum. There are up to roots in the remnants of the first Indian Museum, created by anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, in 1953.

At the beginning of the last century, which is next to maracana Stadium, the institution worked for 25 years. But, since the end of the Decade of 70, no reform was made in the cultural object.

In the past six years lived at the site about 60 Indians from 17 tribes in the country, which are said to have occupied the land to preserve it. They came to build small houses and even a hollow, which seek to keep all traditions.

“For me, it is a building that has a great significance in the history of indigenous peoples,” said the Indian Pataxó Garapira.
The public defender Andrew Ordacgy said that will come with another public civil action, asking the permanence of the Indians, since they live there for more than five years and are entitled to the adverse possession of the land.


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