Mobilisation on social networks makes the Federal Government appear on the situation of the Guarani-Kaiowá

Mobilisation on social networks makes the Federal Government appear on the situation of the Guarani-Kaiowá

Published in October 27, 2012
Written by Regis Estevez

General Secretariat of the Presidency issues bureaucratic release

In recent weeks was observed a major mobilization of the population about the problematic issue of Guarani-Kaiowá. 

Followers of the social network Facebook took Guarani-Kaiowá in his surname and so, within a domino effect, the cause and the problem of ethnicity was known planet.

This provoked a reaction on the political class and the Executive of the country, causing the General Secretariat of the Presidency took note on the subject with the aim of showing that interpretations of the intention of collective suicide were misguided and unfounded.

The fact is that the situation of the Guarani-Kaiowá is considered regrettable from a humanitarian point of view and the position of the Federal Government comes to show that is taking all necessary measures to prevent crimes of murder, but does not show a concrete solution on the matter, since it seems to ignore data dispatched by Funai, showing the geographical and anthropological reality.

The National Indian Foundation have issued the technical note which proves the legitimacy of indigenous claim true ownership of the land.

Funai itself issued note on its Web site where it says that: “With respect to information disclosed by the media regarding repossession judicial order to farmers, determining the output of the indigenous Guarani Kaiowá and Kue Pyelito, municipality of Iguatemi (MS), the National Indian Foundation (Funai) said it is working to reverse the decision and clarifies that there is no set date for compliance with the injunction of the Federal Court of Nagesh-MS.

According to indigenous leaders heard by the Regional coordination of Funai in Ponta Porã, there is no intention of suicide, as announced by the press. What is the determination not to leave the place they consider their traditional land. The community pending the outcome of the appeal by Funai, the Federal Regional Court 3rd region, in São Paulo, which has not yet been appreciated.

Funai reports that is monitoring the situation and providing legal assistance and service to the community and Guarani Kaiowá encamped in the area“.

The Federal Government’s note attempts to justify that in no time there was intention of Guarani-Kaiowá in talking about suicide, however, as the mainstream media has reported incessantly and is still spreading, with great impact on the social networks, the text of the Charter makes it clear a future vision of collective death, either by suicide or by genocide. The issue escalates further when trying to justify that there is no intention of suicide, it seems that the concern is only that, it seems that they want to play hot cloths on the boil, but what about the facts?

See the alarming figures of a cruel reality. The fact is that the Guarani-Kaiowá live, according to Funai’s own information, in a State of confinement.

The Secretariat’s note reveals that “the question of the Guarani Kaiowá is a priority for the federal Government that has been supporting communities through food security, health, public security or territorial recognition through six working groups that are on the field,” However, the facts are others.

Humans called indigenous Guarani-Kaiowá ethnic group are living in deplorable state, exposed to all possible risks that can deconfigure further his beliefs and his will to live and fight. This is not a collective suicído?

Yes, social networks have reflected extraordinary form the situation of indigenous peoples, in order to make the chairs of tremessem Plateau and sent a note. Now lack an attitude!


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