MEPs call for Rousseff and UN by Guarani-Kaiowá


MEPs call for Rousseff and UN by Guarani-Kaiowá

14:40, 30 de October de 2012

leonel rocha

Members who make up the Commission on human rights and minorities of the Chamber appealed today to President Dilma Rousseff and the United Nations to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that involves the guarani-kaiowá Indians and farmers in Mato Grosso do Sul. The Indians threaten with a collective suicide if the decision of the Federal Court in the State to remove all Indians from villages near Piraju Step – municipality of Dourados– and Kue Pyelito, on the outskirts of the city of Iguatemi. The ruling involves more than 500 people from the two villages and farmers in the region. The land, originally from the Indians had not been demarcated by the Government, which allowed the occupation by cattle ranchers and grain producers a few years ago. With the successive death threats by gunmen and the loss of land, the guarani-kaiowá presented cases of depression and suicide. According to the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi), between 2003 and last year, on average 20 Indians committed suicide every year to protest the non-demarcation of lands.


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