The great spirit leads to Union of Peoples in order to fulfill the Last Prophecy

Monday, October 29, 2012

Guarani Kaiowá and Maracanã Village from the jungle Lacadona

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The Continental Indigenous Resistance completed 520 years against a backdrop of violent state repression and his legal and military apparatus, in our blood-soaked border native. Do not recognize these borders made with our blood. Neither recognize this self proclaimed civilization and its military apparatus and the legal service of the invasive and elites at the expense of our genocide that has lasted 520 years.

We call upon the Peoples of Abya Yala on the Union and solidarity: the zapatista Sixth Declaration confrontation of the jungle Lacadona is the same confrontation of the Guarani Kaiowá from Maracanã Stadium and Village. The great spirit leads to Union of Peoples in order to fulfill the Last Prophecy.
In “Latin America” of Abya Yala is experiencing an unprecedented environmental degradation through the great works such as the deployment of roads, dams, huge monocultures large mining, among others. And indigenous resistance blossoms and breaks out over and over throughout the continent with its pockets of resistance.
The Guarani Kaiowá in MATO GROSSO DO SUL resistance and the resistance of the village Maracana (formerly taken up by Indian Movement Museum Tamoio) resistance of the EZLN to seek autonomous territories is still the search for “land without Evils” of capitalism and its free Pachamama evils: bourgeois state, military apparatus of the bourgeois state, the judicial apparatus of the bourgeois state.
The mask of democracy in Brazil disappears when coming to light the crimes of 1946 to 1988 are committed against us peoples by the State. The civil and military dictatorship which deployed large estates of the Guarani Kaiowá in monoculture TIs follows with your secret files hidden. We indigenous peoples have never been reimbursed from the genocide that we have suffered in this period (1946-1988), and we are taking all the consequences of the territories that were stolen (cf.
In the past the Military Government and today continues the authoritarianism of the military ruling under the false mask of democratic Government: the transposition of the São Francisco and the UH Belo Monte being deployed by the army are PAC works, just like in the Military Dictatorship with his great works by stealing our native territory. And have more! The Brazilian military power is part of NATO’s Army (Brazilian troops in Haiti), which gives Brazilian military international character. So the future of the Brazilian people in danger and the Great Prophecy is fulfilled.
The great spirit has kindled the Fire sacred to the unification of all the scattered tribes and peoples around the world. We now need to work on the joint international indigenous press ( ).
And the great spirit wants the policy to be executed from the Compassion, i.e. from human rights. Without Compassion-human rights cannot exist the right to diversity and without respect for diversity does not exist In Plurietnico.
International Committee of solidarity with the people of Guarani Kaiowá and: the interview Subcomandante Marcos:


One thought on “The great spirit leads to Union of Peoples in order to fulfill the Last Prophecy

  1. Please see that these people are treated justly and fairly. Truth must prevail, all life is sacred.

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