Despite controversy and protests, Belo Monte hydroelectric works continue

10/31/2012 11:09 -updated 10/31/2012 11:34

Despite controversy and protests, Belo Monte hydroelectric works continue

About 15% of the project has already been built. The estimated cost of construction of the plant is of R $ 19 billion.

The G1 PA

Even after several controversies and constant protests, the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant continues with full steam. Approximately 15% of the works of the joint venture, located in the Xingu region, in the southwest of Pará, have already been completed. The site should generate power for all Brazil.The Belo Monte dam site is the main construction of the hydroelectric plant, where he will work the heart of the plant. Is where is under construction the main power of the venture, which will operate 18 turbines, with a capacity to generate about 11 thousand megawatts (MW) of electricity.

A wall that is 100 meters from the sea level is also being built. From the point where it will be located, over 67 metres of massive structure will be built, the equivalent of a 22-story building. The building will have 210 metres wide and when getting ready, at least 22 meters deep, which will be covered by water.

Another work which is under construction is the junction canal, which will be made the detour of the Xingu River and will pass any water that must generate the Belo Monte power. The work should last at least five years to get ready.

Homens do exército participaram de treinamento para, em caso de conflito, proteger um dos principais canteiros da usina de Belo Monte (Foto: Reprodução/TV Liberal) Army men participated in training on Pimental (photo: reproduction/Liberal TV)

More than 250 army men attended a training in the area of the site is done Pimental bus of the Xingu River. The site has already been invaded by protesters opposed to labour and indigenous. The military simulated an operation to occupy the construction site installations and ensure the functioning of the work in the event of a conflict.

The power plant The Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant is being built on the Xingu River, in the southwest of Pará State, with an estimated cost of $ 19 billion. The project has great opposition from environmentalists, who believe that the impacts to the environment and the traditional communities, such as indigenous and Riverside, will be irreversible.


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