Ava Taperendi cacique guarani-kaiowá, asks for help


Thu, November 1, 2012

Ava Taperendi cacique guarani-kaiowá, asks for help

Recently, the guarani-kaiowá indigenous people, issued a letter of protest on the basis of a decision of the Federal Court from Naviraí, Mato Grosso do Sul, which determined the removal of Indians who occupy farm land Samburá in Iguatemi. The document reflected across the country and warned of insecurity in living the guaranis. The exit by land in the region is blocked and, with this, the occupants can only come and go by the Iowa River.


The National Indian Foundation (Funai) was compelled to manifest itself on the matter in this Friday (26). The Agency recognizes the struggle of Guarani and kaiowás and considers that the decision “not to leave the place that considers its ancestral territory is a legitimate decision.” The vice-procurado General of the Republic, Deborah Duprat, said: “the Gold reserve is the greatest tragedy known in indigenous issues throughout the world.”
Are 43 thousand guarani-kaiowá, divided into 16 thousand families, according to Ava Taperendi, cacique of Taquaras, one of three villages occupied by the Indians in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul.

The Indian leader spoke to the Forum, 10/31/2012, and expressed his outrage with the silence of the media and of the public authorities, in addition to support for the resistance, which he says will be “to death”.

The photo is of Igor Carvalho.
Here’s the interview.
What is the situation of you today?
The delay in the demarcation of lands is harming us, we are suffering too much because of this, it’s pretty face, against the Governor, farmers and Justice. Our leaders are dying, being murdered by a group supported by the State, a group of assassins hired by farmers, and all this takes the Indians to a very great suffering. Our children and elders are malnourished, all under tarpaulins, braving cold, rain, lack of dignity and remedies.
And on the issue of suicides?
Leading the Indians to suicidarem today, in the area of Dourados, is that we are 43 thousand people unable to hunt, fish, plant and not live. In addition, we have a problem that is the arrival of the cities, we are trapped between two cities and we want to just live our culture. Some young people who tried to commit suicide and failed were asked why, and they claimed that lack Earth, has no forest, no where to walk, where to go out in a farm already closed, on a farm or in the city. They get very annoyed.
There’s a lot of pressure for the Indians out of their land and adapt to a culture that isn’t theirs?
Today there is a lot of influence from other cultures in the village, and this couldn’t happen, because these lands were demarcated in 1984 by SPI (Indian protection service) and ali have to preserve our culture. The guarani-kaiowá people want to preserve their prayers, their language, religion, dances and their homes, we do not want other things there, need to approve and register our lands, to preserve our culture.
You can eat well, as is the health of the local population?
We depend on a basket of Government, because we do not have conditions for planting, hunting and fishing, so we feed only with this, is very little.

We have news of violence against the Indians, what the Government has done to curb and monitor abuse?
The Government itself has set up a team against the Indian. The Governor André Pucinelli  said: “I will not give any handful of land for Indian”. It does not enforce anything, it is the police, solves the problem with Indian police. Last week, arrested Carlito [Carlito de Oliveira, local native leader] accusing him of killing two policemen, and actually it was not him who killed. Carlito holding the night in jail, loose in the morning, but they often forget it, that is two three days arrested, the jail was built in the village. We did a document and send the Federal prosecutors asking for the freedom of Carlito, where they agreed to release, but cannot leave the village. So, the Government does nothing except harass our people, guarani-kaiowá, the civil and military police officer shoots himself in the Indians, and that the media does not disclose. My father was murdered [Marcos Veron] fighting for his land and nobody says anything, it’s a lot suffering. How do the gunmen?
Night and day. our people not to go out alone, only in groups of five to ten people. They killed my father, friends, leaders, we drive out of our homes with violence and then we read in the media that “the Indians went peacefully”. Put the fire in our homes, pointing guns to our heads, in the lead up to trucks and lead us far away from the village, then leave us on the side of the road and send us back. We are not asking the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, just the land of our ancestors, that’s all. Is a massacre, a massacre.
Today, after the rebound, there is something that lets you optimistic?
Our rights are violated, our lands are occupied, we are passing needs, so I am not optimistic. Nobody does nothing for our rights there, no, Senator, Mayor, Governor, President, nobody, but we will fight to the end. When the Government is tired of us, the army and shoots everyone, because of my land I will not quit.
And the letter?
It’s all true, if the Government does not respect us, we kill soon and finish with us. Already tried talking to this Government, by four times, this President has not received us, nor the Ministers of the Supreme Court. Time to ask for votes, they all remind us, the Squid was there, was received by my father, arrived there asking for votes. All leaders were against the vote in Lula, for them the Squid was a Communist and Communists do those things with children. At that time (2001), the Indians believed it, my dad who called everyone and convinced the ancestors that Lula ‘s plan was to help Indians and demarcate the lands. Two months after he won, my father was killed and he never demarcated areas. This neglect is what this country offers to our indigenous people, and Dilma and Pucinelli are massacring the largest indigenous people of Brazil. The Brazilian people, look to the guarani-kaiowá, we need you to help us. If anyone is interested, go visit my people, get up close to the inhumanity, not a beast that you create at home lives that way that we live.



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