Federal police began to remove ethnic indigenous Kadiwéu from area of Demarcation


Federal police began to remove ethnic indigenous Kadiwéu from area of Demarcation


Published in November 1, 2012

Lawyer of the CIMI and indigenous leaders have suffered persecution made by gunmen

The Federal Police started the evacuation of 60 families Kadiwéu of an area of about 160 thousand hectares of indigenous land demarcation in 1900 and approved in 1984, in the city of Adelaide, in the region of Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. The area is within the indigenous land (TI) Kadiwéu.


“We will continue on the Earth until it is given the decision in the Supreme [Federal Court],” says the President of the Association of Indigenous Communities of the Kadiwéu (ACIRK), Francisco Matchua. “We respect authority. But at the moment don’t respect us, we can’t let them abuse of authority. They have to have respect for the community. The land is ours “.

The territory was completely occupied by 23 cattle ranches until, in April this year, the Kadiwéu retook the area and drove the farmers.

A decision of the Federal Court, however, granted an injunction to ranchers, determining the withdrawal of indigenous to the area.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) from Mato Grosso do Sul filed an appeal against the decision, not yet tried, and an injunction for the suspension of reintegration and descupação. The request was denied by Justice.

In solidarity to Kadiwéu, a group of 50 indigenous Terena of the Pantanal region has moved to the area resumed.

The Indians are concentrated in one of the farms, where the term given to the repossession was 30 days. In the remainder, the Court gave five days for the Indians to leave the site. “We will resist to the end”, he concludes.

Last Saturday, 27, a historian, a lawyer and four indigenous leaders were persecuted by about 20 armed men in six trucks.

“I was literally chased by gunmen,” he says. Lawyer of the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi), indigenous Terena Luiz Henrique Eloy said have felt on the skin “war installed in Mato Grosso do Sul against the Indians”.

The persecution happened during a visit to the territory of the indigenous group. “As a lawyer, I went up to the area of conflict of the Kadiwéu. At the exit of the area resumed, we were literally chased by armed men-gunmen-who were in six trucks. In the backs, men with long-barreled weapons “, details.

“As I was driving, immediately manobrei the car to return to the area where was the community camp. Were scary moments experienced by me and my companions, “he reports. “The gunmen not only achieved on account of numerous farm gates”.

“It happened at around six-thirty in the evening. We managed to get out for a road through the Woods guided by our Kadiwéu patricians. We only get the location where cell handle at four in the morning “. No one was injured.



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