Below-signed open letter and Manifesto in favour of women and the guarani kaiowá ethnic group


Below-signed open letter and Manifesto in favour of women and the guarani kaiowá ethnic group

To: Various OPEN LETTER and manifest to President of Brazil-Ms. ROUSSEFF to Minister of the Secretariat of policies for women of the Presidency of the Republic – Mrs. ELEONORA MENICUCCI DE OLIVEIRA
Ladies, We, the activists and academic of feminist and women’s movements (and others supportive of our causes) the undersigned
We express our strong indignation and abhorrence to the neglect of the Brazilian State with the situation of extreme violations of human rights of Indians and guarani Indian kaiowás, fierce by the situation intolerable and alarming of ethnic genocide and require urgent action in the face of such a situation. The situation of the guarani kaiowá has been addressed in national and international reports, civil society organizations, government agencies, the Council for the defence of human rights and by scholars from diverse areas and, in these various documents, the most alarming with regard to violations of human rights of the guarani kaiowá Indians and of other ethnic groups, in all Brazil.
We saw in the manifest and urgent action request here, more specifically, against the permanent situation of violence to which women and children guarani kaiowá have suffered during a process of struggle that has lasted for more than 40 years, in the vain attempt of demarcation of lands of indigenous people and by effective enforcement of those laws that determined this demarcation. In recent months, as we all know, the conflict between farmers and politicians of Mato Grosso do Sul and the guarani kaiowá has been raging and their wives and children have been one of the most attacked military targets that prevent the conclusion of this dispute.
They, as is common in conflicts and wars around the world, have been the focus of numerous and continued torture and episodes of humiliations that brutally injure not only their dignity and humanity, widely held in the Universal Declaration of human rights, but also to tod @ s we women and men Brazil @ s who share with them the set of these inalienable rights. The recent news that a guarani kaiowá Indian was kidnapped, gang-raped by a group of men who were in a car’s official City Hall and which was later abandoned on a roadside is eloquent in itself that such torture has already surpassed, greatly exceeded the threshold of acceptable and worthy in human terms.
This appalling news joins other facts narrated by the guarani kaiowá/on numerous other episodes of torture, bodily assaults and injuries of ethnic women. Sexual violence practised against women guarani kaiowá is, as already stated, entristecedora feature of conflict and war contexts and have nasty effects and demeaning to women, to the guarani kaiowá ethnic group-wide and for all Brazilians.
In this sense, the permanence of omission/Brazilian State’s inaction is criminal and so are criminals such acts of violation of basic rights of these Brazilians and human beings. Before these unacceptable developments affecting the guarani kaiowá/, and especially their women and children, and that ultrajam humanity of all/the US, require, on the basis of urgency, immediate actions of first woman President in this country – Ms. Rousseff-and the Minister of the Secretariat of policies for women of the Presidency of the Republic – Mrs. Eleonora Menicucci de Oliveira. Immediate measures designed to ensure the basic rights of human integrity preservation of guarani kaiowá women and children, as well as the immediate punishment of agents of these crimes, and also the establishment of stronger actions towards effective and fair peaceful settlement of THIS CONFLICT. If we are effectively in a State that presents itself to the international community as being a democratic State of rights, our worthy representatives and directors cannot wriggle to mediate an urgent solution to these dilemmas and violations that are completely unacceptable.

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