“Brazil cannot open this wealth”, says rapporteur mining project


Brazil cannot open this wealth”, says rapporteur mining project

Congress will decide by holding of minérario, Second Half Lopez

Village of Watoriki, Barcelos (AM), November 2, 2012


According to Edio Lopez, the lands are not the Indians, are the Union (reproduction)

The Indians can be consulted, but who is going to decide is the National Congress. The warning is Mr Vincent Lee (PMDB-RR), signaling that the item 3 of the 19 conditions laid down by the Supreme Court (STF), when this was decided by the approval of the Raposa Serra do Sol (RR), will be considered in the discussions.

“If you take this condition lets see that does not depend on consultation of the indigenous community. I am in favour that we meet this decision. The lands are not the Indians, are the Union. The Brazil can’t give up this immense wealth, “said a member of the newspaper criticism.

The item quoted by Lee says that “the enjoyment of the Indians does not cover the research and exploitation of the mineral wealth, which will depend on National Congress authorization always assuring them the participation in results of till, in accordance with the law”. The conditions, however, are questioned by indigenous organizations and indigenous institutions and even are explained objectively STF Ministers.




Last month, the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) has suspended the Decree 303, which established standards on indigenous lands. The Gatehouse was heavily criticized and the repercussions and the pressure led to AGU to postpone its applicability until the vote on the case of constraints of TI Raposa Serra do Sol is put to the vote in the Supreme Court.

To elaborate your opinion of Substitutive, Lee visited the Canada and Australia where there are mining in Indian lands registry. He claims to have enjoyed “a lot of these countries” regarding the allocation of the revenue collected from the indigenous community.

In the case of the yanomami, the representative said that there is no prospect of mining “in the medium and short term.” “My Bill does not allow for the medium term exploitation on Earth. The yanomami are in primary stage and with little interaction with the white community. Only if it were a strategic ore for national security, “he said.




The Rapporteur of the PL said that the substitute is not undoable and expects “spoon suggestions”. “Maybe I can modify some concept and present it differently. Last week I had an audience with the Ministry of Justice, Funai and the Government Palace. Funai was present until the end of this month a schedule of consultations with indigenous peoples. Even if it does not have a binding is important for benchmarking payments. We do not want confrontation or Funai nor with anyone, “said Rep., emphasizing that” many Indians “, including the yanomami are favorable to mining on their lands.

He said he participated in a house in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas, and saw that the Indians support the project.


Missing discussion


Sharon Garcia Manzano, one of the most recognized leaders among the yanomami and resident of Maturacá, located in the Alto Rio Negro, in the Amazon, denied that the natives of the region where lives are in favour of the regulation of mining, but admitted that “a yanomami family” is concerned and that it operates along with white prospectors.

“At the hearing that Mr Vincent Lee refers to only one person spoke in favor. But the Ayrca (Yanomami Association Cauaburis River and Tributaries) has positioned itself against. The regulation will not bring any benefit to us, “he said.

The President of the Federation of indigenous organizations of the Alto Rio Negro (Foirn), Geraldine France, confirmed that there was a “discussion” about mining in indigenous land last June, but that she was “tumultuous and little enlightening.

“We were told it was a hearing but do not think that way. It was not consulted. There were deputies and staff of various organs. The Indians who were living in the city. Those who live in the communities have not come. It seems that everything was directed to a group that is in favour, but haven’t heard from other regions which are cons. And the yanomami who believed they were deluded. Unfortunately there are many people thinking that mining in indigenous land means that it is the Indian who goes to work. But isn’t it. Will companies “, he commented.



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