The Commission will discuss implementation of the Xingu River mining

The Commission will discuss implementation of the Xingu River mining

Debate decides the future of the region where it will be installed new venture

Brazil 11/2/2012 21:49 Agency

Photo: Mariana Oliveira/G1

Imagem do Rio Xingu do fim de julhoImage of the Xingu River from the end of July

The Committee on environment and sustainable development will hold a public hearing on December 4 to discuss the deployment of gold mining in the Xingu River, in the vicinity of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant.

The Canadian company Beautiful Sun Mining Corp. will install on the Xingu River, after the completion of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, the largest gold mining of Brazil. At this location, known as the Volta Grande do Xingu, would be produced 4.6 tonnes of ore per year.

Mr Sarney Filho (PV-MA), author of the request for the debate, noting that this stretch of the Xingu River will already be impacted with the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. “The flow of the Xingu should be reduced by 80%, experts estimate, compromising the local fauna and flora.”

Gold beneficiation

In addition to these direct impacts, he questioned the effects of the use of cyanide, chemical that is used in the industrial process for gold processing. The cyanide is poisonous, lethal to human beings, “hence the need for the adoption of rigorous methods for your control,” added the Congressman.

Sarney Filho reminds us that these questions preoccupy the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Altamira (PA). “Both opened investigations to find the answers. It is said that Funai [National Indian Foundation] would not have been consulted. “

In the opinion of the Member, the debate is important because it is not known what will become of the region after installed this new venture. “And I need to hear the characters involved, to better understand the issue,” says Mr.


For the meeting will be invited, the following representatives:

-Ministry of the environment,

-The State Secretariat of Environment of Pará

-Beautiful Sun Company Mining Corporation,

-Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Altamira (PA),

-Civil Society and

-Academic community.


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