Note rejection of the Council for indigenous missionary (CIMI) Guarani Kaiowá from the community of Arroio Korá
The missionary indigenous Council (CIMI) denounced with indignation and puzzlement the attack occurred on Friday, August 10 against the indigenous community Guarani-Kaiowá of Arroio-Kora, municipality of Paranhos, Mato Grosso do Sul (Centre-West of Brazil). Indigenous two-year-old girl called Geni Centuriao died the 13 Monday, after passing hunger and fear. Furthermore an indigenous remains missing after one episode of violence against the Guarani Kaiowá indigenous.
A spokesman for the Ministry of health, through the Special Secretariat of indigenous health (Sesai), not reported the cause of the girl’s death, only stated that “an anthropologist was sent to the conflict zone”. According to the Indians, fire, lack of access to food, fear and hunger have killed the small Guarani Kaiowá. The gunmen burned food and were firing against the population for hours, recharging their weapons with ammunition brought by armed men in pickup trucks. The population, including 120 children, was fenced off for hours in the middle of a desperate situation of oppression, shootings, threats and cries of hunger.
Nothing seems to prevent the murderous instincts of the invaders of indigenous lands. Nine months ago the Guaivyry community was attacked by armed men who fired at the cacique Gomes Nisio, carrying his body. Twenty people were arrested by the federal police accused of participating in the attack and the disappearance of the cacique. Among the detainees were six landowners and the President of the Rural Union of Aral Moreira.
The way of the armed men in Arroio Korá was not very different. After return to part of the territory of traditional occupation as a claim by a breakthrough in the process of guarantee of the occupation of the land and against the 303 of the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) Ordinance, about 400 Indians were attacked by armed men in the region bordering Paraguay. As a defense, the Guarani Kaiowá dispersed with their children and the elderly to del monte. One of them, Eduardo Pires, however, stayed behind and was captured by armed men.
Arroio Korá situation is a perfect example of the denial of land rights in Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as the federal Government’s inability to enforce the Constitution and the promises made to the communities regarding the completion of the process of demarcation, as well as the expulsion of the invaders in these lands.
Arroio Korá territory was adopted on December 21, 2009 with 7,176 hectares. Currently the indigenous occupy less than 700 hectares. Liane and countryside, palco haciendas of the spectacle of violence, are part of the approved ground. The justification of the invaders is an order issued by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) legitimizes them ‘properties’.
Once more attempt to mislead public opinion is the weapon used by agrarians: the agreed total only 184 hectares were suspended by the order issued by the Minister Gilmar Mendes eight days after approval, thus breaking the tradition of the Supreme Court not to take such decisions in the period of recess.
Therefore, nothing prevents the Funai to promote the withdrawal of the non-indigenous from the rest of the area and return to the lands of communities historically looted by the landowners of the region. You do so? Because the federal Government is allied with the invaders and continues with the Decree of extermination against the indigenous peoples of Brazil. Funai, in this context, is desidrata of its main function which is the protection of people, and put in ‘corpse insepulto’ condition. A true human rights crime and illegality.
The Indians claim, and here reforzarmos their demands that the federal Government send detachments of the Federal Police and the national force to ensure safety in the workplace, to the community, as the imminence of attacks is real. In addition it requested to establish the Eduardo Pires Indian search teams. Finally, that Funai submit an emergency plan for the expulsion of the non-indigenous Arroio Korá, land of the Guarani Kaiowá invaders.
Council missionary indigenous – Cimi

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