Indigenous people of Maranhão in Brasilia


Indigenous people of Maranhão in Brasilia

Uploaded by: Administrator at 11/8/2012. News source: Egon Heck


Come to war,

We want our land,

demarcated, respected,

encyclopedia of invasions,

without logging or farmers,

no miners or prospectors!

free of the evils civilized,

We want justice and peace.



From the village to the three powers

Gradually were coming from various regions of the State of Maranhão in the Northeast region, for a long journey of almost one and a half kilometers. Painted bodies, headdresses, heavy bordunas, arrows point. The target is to reach those who decide, to power, to tell them: burn Ordinance 303, repeal the laws that hurt our rights, respect the indigenous people of Maranhão and the whole country.

Opposite the Congress photos and filming in front of houses so strange. Strong feeling who only knew this landscape for some photo or radio news.

Behind closed doors, hearts outraged

The closed doors of the Ministry of Justice or the fear of security guards of the Presidential Palace not intimidated. The rituals, songs and dances have not stopped. Have been hours trying to tell President Dilma-we exist, we are here. We want to be heard and respected. Clear our lands. No more invasion and destruction!

In the Auditorium of Funai, had meeting with the President of the Agency, Marta Azevedo and his team. Could quickly expose the serious problems that many communities face, particularly to invasions by farmers, miners, and large madeiros government projects. Given that demanded more effective actions of Funai and more agility and dates for the settlement of their territories. Despite the disbelief by the historic omission of Government, might expose his wrath and expression to your requirements.

In its manifesto, express the reasons for presence in Brasilia

“We, the indigenous peoples in the State of Maranhão Guajajara, Gavião, Krikati, Rankokamekra, Mermortumre, Apaniekra, Urubú, Awá-Guaja, Krepymkateyê and Krenyê, we respectfully require You, the immediate revocation of the Decree 303, we understand that the same comes to usurp our rights, and do not accept just the temporary suspension of this misguided and unconstitutional legal-administrative act that restricts absurdly originating and fundamental rights of our peoples.


The indigenous people of Maranhão reaffirm the position already published by indigenous organizations and delegations of other regions since late July, after the issue of the Ordinance, strongly demonstrating for their full and immediate withdrawal.

We have reinforced our dissatisfaction with the current political juncture that clearly demonstrates the Government’s agreements with the business groups of the country, whose interests are the exploitation of natural resources, construction of dams, refineries, monoculture plantations, railroads, waterways and highways, which facilitate the export and commercialization of indigenous territories.

Therefore, we the indigenous people of Maranhão, together with the other peoples of Brazil, we only fight when our rights are respected and the gatehouse definitely withdrawn. “

Brasilia, November 5, 2012.


Fight together


An Indigenous peoples ‘ Assembly of Maranhão. That is the impression I had to introduce themselves and externarem your feeling “we need to fight together”, unite. “Are we going to get underneath a Bush that neither jaboti” wondered another. We need to use our wisdom to prevent the whites from making laws against us. And made it clear why they came so many and so far-flung places: “we are here to burn these laws, decrees and ordinances”. It seemed a refreshing moments of struggle against the project of “emancipation” in 1978. On that occasion the indigenous peoples made a House and demanded that the Minister general Rangel Kings, burn definitely this project. And they succeeded. Never again returned to talk about it. It is what is expected now with the Decree 303 of AGU. The respect of this Ordinance a leadership said “this Bill for us is the end of the world. Respect our rights “.



Egon Heck

The Guarani People Great People

Cimi 40 years, Brasilia, November 8, 2012


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