Indigenous peoples National Congress: away evil spirits

Indigenous peoples National Congress: away evil spirits

Uploaded by: Administrator at 11/9/2012. Source: Egon Heck/Ccme

Late afternoon in Brasilia. In the corridors and noble of Congress echo the voice of two hundred Indians, 16 people from all over the State of Maranhão in the Northeast region of Javari Valley, in Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Insofar as they were entering those spaces unknown to the vast majority, increased the enthusiasm and the sounds of maracás became louder and incisors. 

It was the spirit of the Constituent Congress, downloading 24 years later. Reporters who were tocaiados in the House waiting for news, surprised, immediately turned their cameras and camcorders to the natives in ritual. After the Senate’s Green, Hall went to the Black Hall, the entrance, according to Annex 2 runners. Curious were coming from everywhere, and with their watchful, cell phones or cameras, sought to register similar fact.


The Indians said with satisfaction that they were moving away from evil spirits, those who tried to make them evil, or rather sought deconstitute their constitutional rights.


Was the strong point of the day. Incidentally, they have been relentless in this struggle for the maintenance of their rights in the Constitution and the requirement of respect for their lives and that gives them not only the Constitution but also international legislation of which Brazil is a signatory. Shine or rain, the two hundred Indians have sought understanding, expressing his indignation and revolt, required compliance with laws. Have been in numerous parliamentary offices of Ministers of the Supreme Court, government agencies.


The Human Rights Committee (HRC)


Annex 2 1 crowded House. The Commission on human rights had room to hear indigenous representatives who came to Brasilia to follow demonstrations that dozens of people of all Brazil has made in the course of this year, denouncing all acts, ordinances, bills and proposals of amendment to the Constitution aimed at hunting rights of indigenous peoples. In addition to giving visibility to violence and human rights violations to which they are subjected, have denounced the failure of the Brazilian State, the promptness of Justice in decisions contrary to indigenous rights and the numerous initiatives in Congress that aim to take hard-won rights in the Constitution of 1988. 

Among all the antiindígenas initiatives that sticks out is the Decree 303 of the Attorney General of the Union (AGU). Were unanimous in their speeches-RIP, burn, repeal this “crap”. It chimed the Presidency of the COUNCIL through the manifestations of its Chairman, Mr Domingos Dutra, via video message. MEPs Erica Kokay and Pe. Ton pledged to give referrals, seeking to put on the agenda projects of interest to indigenous peoples, such as the status of indigenous peoples and the creation of the National Council for Indigenous Policy and seek to prevent from being voted the renowned projects come mainly from rural Caucus, seeking to derail the demarcation of indigenous lands (PEC 215 and 038) and throw open the plunder of natural resources in indigenous landsas the PL 1610 that allows mining on indigenous lands without any safeguards. Pe. Tanjung, who chairs the Special Committee in this regard, announced this year that project will not be voted on.


At the Presidential Palace


In numerous manifestations of leaders in Brasilia did not miss the collection of President Dilma. The omission from the Government, the work of the PAC invading indigenous lands, the lack of political decision to demarcate indigenous lands, the lack of dialogue with the indigenous movement were heavily charged. “Dilma: to exist,” said track focused on the plateau. 

A Committee of indigenous representatives had, yesterday afternoon, hearing with Ministers Luis Adams, AGU, and Gilberto Carvalho, of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. For the Indians the dialogue was positive, but do not believe in justification that the Minister Adams tries to give to the maintenance of 303 Ordinance. However, ensured that after the vote on the matter of conditions by the Supreme Court Ordinance shall not come into force automatically. Will dialogue with the indigenous movement.


Today, day 09, we are all invited to gestures of solidarity with the people of Guarani Kaiowá.


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