Manifesto in solidarity with the Munduruku Indians village Teles Pires

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Intended to address critically the events related to politics, economy and culture in Brazil, in the Amazon and in Pará in counterpoint with the conservative editorial view of the so-called big media.

Manifesto in solidarity with the Munduruku Indians village Teles Pires

Posted in 11/8/2012

The conflict occurred yesterday involving Munduruku Indians village Teles Pires, border between Pará and Maranhão, and the Federal Police of Brazil, is another chapter in a novel marked by neglect, violence and destruction of lands and indigenous peoples. Balance until now known: many Indians seriously injured; children, the elderly and women threatened and humiliated by federal agents;
and a Munduruku murdered with four gunshots in the chest and one to the head.
At the end of the 15TH century, even before the arrival of the Portuguese, the Spanish had already touched the mouth of the Amazon River, leading to from some dozens of Indians to be sold as slaves in Europe.
At the end of the 16TH century, English and Dutch also began to converge on this area with the aim of exploiting its natural resources. As initially not found gold or silver, broke for the exploitation of plant resources, as well as capture the natives to work as slaves.
500 years have passed since European arrival to pindorama, but yesterday repeats what occurred at the beginning of the invasion. Indian (Munduruku) with arrow defending your territory, and white (federal Police) with firearm shooting down who was on the way.
Behind all this are the interests of entrepreneurs, eager for mineral resources in indigenous lands; landowners of agribusiness; contractors builders of mega-dams on the Xingu River and wood (the Tapajós is the cue ball), among others. The Brazilian Government gives support to capital project for the nature, design of exhaust natural riches of the Amazon, and the world.
For all this, blame the Government for what has happened in the village Teles Pires. We require that the facts be established and those responsible for the attacks and murder of Munduruku Indian be criminally penalized. Finally, we reiterate our denunciation against the project of the Government of Brazil. Forest destruction project, rivers and of life in the Amazon.
Belém, November 8, 2012
Tembé indigenous Association of Santa Maria do Pará (AITESAMPA)
Commission Pastora of the Earth (CPT/PA)
Dorothy Committee
Company Talk Show
Together! Youth collective
Central Union and Popular RANDAL CHERRY
Central Directory of students da UFPA
Associação Paraense de Apoio às Communities (APACC)
Central Directory of students of UNAMA
Instituto Popular University (UNIPOP)
Forum of Women of Amazonia Para (FMAP)
Ambush Foundation (FunTocaia)
North II Regional Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI)
Eastern Amazonia Forum (SWIPING)
I ‘M!Collective
The Pan-Amazon Social Forum (FSPA)
Association of Employees of Banco da Amazônia (AEBA)
Solidary and sustainable Amazon Institute (IAMAS)
The women’s movement of the field and of the city in the State of Pará (MMCC-PA)
Class Struggle movement (MLC)
United Trade Union Association To Fight
Mana-Maní open circle of communication, education and culture
Hip-Hop movement in the forest (MHF/NRP)
Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL)
Amazonian Institute of planning, Urban and Environmental Management (IAGUA)
Central Directory of students of the UEPA
Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR)
Para society for the defense of human rights (SDDH)
Public Service Workers Union Federal do Pará (SINTSEP/PA)
The student movement Let’s go Fight
National Union of teachers of higher education institutions (ANDES-SN)
Unified Socialist Workers ‘ Party (PSTU)
Syndicate of workers of Environmental Management in the State of Pará (SINDIAMBIENTAL)
Road Workers Union of Ananindeua and Marituba (SINTRAM)
Vegetarians on the move (coming)
National Student Assembly (ring)
The students ‘ Association of Pará (ASCONPA)
Expanded Social Pastoral of the Diocese of Marabá
Te Mempapytarkate Akrãtikatêjê indigenous Association of Mountain
Xingu Vivo Movement Forever
Movement of working women of Altamira field and City
The black movement of the Transamazon Highway and Xingu,
Women’s movement field and Regional City TRANS-Amazonian Highway and Xingu
Joint Effort By Citizenship
Union workers in construction of Belém and Santa Fe
Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)
National Forum of Civil society in the basin committees (FONASC-CBH)
Humanitas Institute — Belém, PA, Brazil
Centro de Estudios e Defesa do Negro do Pará (CEDENPA)
Xingu Vivo Committee

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