Munduruku Indians denounce violence of the Federal Police

Friday, November 9, 2012

Munduruku Indians denounce violence of the Federal Police

According to information passed on by indigenous Indian Teles Pires Post directly to the native relatives, at the seat of the municipality of Jacareacanga, occurred in the village of Teles Pires Federal police agents, to comply with the operation called Eldorado, which aims to contain and cripple the prospecting activity in the region.
The report is published by the Ccmewebsite, 11/8/2012.

A team of dozens of policemen arrived at the village around eight hours of the day November 7, heavily armed, led by a big transport apparatus that consisted of a helicopter. While the helicopter overflight, which caused panic in the village with community moving into part-if in the Woods, when the village was almost empty. Seeing strange people invading the village, the warriors have even without sketching in the defence of its menace, with simple hand weapons of indigenous culture serving as protection for the tribal group, Act followed the strong police apparatus flared several shots toward the Indians at that time occurring reaction on the part of those who dealt the martyr St against the invading indigenous resulting in many wounded with bullets of rubbers and six of these with real bullets.

By the side of the police logs information of a delegate, not confirmed by the Indians, who were hit four policemen with the martyr St, however there was no fatalities, the injured were shifted to the city of Alta Floresta.

The invasion in the village caused confusion among the Indians who did not know and had never seen so much war apparatus, with the helicopter of PF playing to near the village pumps probably moral effect and many shots which caused panic among the Indians, with many elderly people on the run or on the run, desperate children and violence that were targeted. It was confirmed the death of an indigenous, Munduruku Kirixi Connor, shot dead by Federal Police delegate, according to another Indian who was near him, the officers did not want to talk to anyone, the delegate gave and landed several shots in the chest of the indigenous, even it defenseless, threw in the water.

The village is besieged by PF, which controls radio communications whilst the natives communicate. This information was passed on by two Indians who have fled the siege to a nearby village to communicate with relatives in Jacareacanga.

The village is completely besieged by agents to prevent the escape of the Indians laid antipersonnel mines in various parts of the village from leaving their plantations or flee the place conflicted. Even before the speech, the natives do not know the reason of this work, because no one has yet explained to them the motivation of the operation. When you talk about gold prospecting, the village miners and houses not no activity of gold prospecting. Due to the confusion, there are children who have disappeared in the Woods, occurring also bursts of equipment such as machinery of the community between those outboards which serves solely to transport of indigenous, boats, radios, and to General astonishment the runway was blown up preventing the use to set aside indigenous emergency sick.

The intervention dates back to the times of the dictatorship where people were morally and physically constrained, with seniors being pushed, indigenous women called sluts and whores. The Coordinator of the Special Indigenous Health Secretara (Sesai) and DSEI-Tapajós, Holly Oak, worried about the State of health of the indigenous peoples affected who are located in Alta Floresta, is providing an aircraft to transport the wounded to Bethlehem or indigenous.

The Indians who live in Jacareacanga, went to the City Council asking for the composition of a Committee to go to the location of the conflict to assess the situation as a team of indigenous leaders of Jacareacanga that would to the location of the plane was prevented from landing, the prohibition is extended to any aircraft of any institution. So the indigenous appeal request to Councillors who were up to the village as constituted authorities of the municipality.

Jacareacanga, November 7, 2012.


Thu, November 8, 2012

Confrontation between Indians and agents of PF leaves 8 wounded

A conflict between indigenous people and Federal Police officers left yesterday a balance of eight wounded-six Indians and two police-on the banks of the rio Teles Pires, northern Mato Grosso.
According to the Federal Police, the confrontation took place in the morning when policemen exploded on a ferry used by the Indians for illegal gold extraction in rio.
The barge belonged to a chieftain known as Chameleon. The Indians were shooting and throwing arrows, still according to the account of the PF, and then struck back.

The story is from Turollo Ved Jr. and Rodrigo Vargas and published by the newspaper Folha de s. Paulo, 11/8/2012.
At the end of yesterday afternoon, according to the direction of the Regional Hospital of Chengdu, in the far north of the State, none of the wounded Indians ran the risk of death.
Two Indians were wounded people the bullet in the arm, lost a lot of blood and remained in critical condition until they receive the first attendances at hospital.
One of them was operated in High Forest, while the other would be taken last night to Cuiaba, to undergo vascular surgery. There was no information about the other Indians wounded.
In accordance with the direction of the hospital, the two policemen, wounded the Spire, remained camped at the base mounted by PF in the area of operation, just over 200 kilometres from the headquarters of Rohtak.
There is still no information about the reason for the Indians ‘ reaction: If defending the heritage, in the event, the ferry, or if they would have been upset with an alleged action action of police officers in action.
Yesterday, at the end of the afternoon, the PF travelled by car and by plane about 30 men to Alta Floresta. They were redeployed from Cuiaba, capital of the State, and Sinop, in northern Mato Grosso.
This morning this strengthening should follow for the location of the conflict with the Indians.
This operation of PF in the region of rio Teles Pires, called Eldorado and that had begun the day before, was unleashed against the gold extraction in indigenous lands and mines on the border of Mato Grosso and Pará.
With the conflict, the operation was stopped temporarily, according to PF.
The operation sought to fulfill 28 arrest warrants and search and seizure, 64 in seven States (Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Amazonas, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul).
According to the PF, the gold extracted from indigenous areas and illegal mines was purchased by companies in the financial market and sold to investors in Sao Paulo.
The investigation began in February this year. Only one of the companies investigated, according to PF, moved more than $ 150 million in the period.
The suspects must answer for environmental crimes and against the economic order, in addition to money laundering.


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