Arrival in the village Teles Pires generated misunderstanding and victims

Eldorado Federal Police operation ends in conflict with the Munduruku Indians

Published in November 8, 2012

Arrival in the village Teles Pires generated misunderstanding and victims

Indigenous information realize that a team composed by dozens of police officers, arrived at the village at about 8 am yesterday morning heavily armed, led by a big transport apparatus that consisted of a helicopter, flying boats.


While the helicopter overflight, caused panic in the village. As Eco Recently reported yesterday, this action is part of Operation Eldorado, dismantle illegal mining.

However, frightened, the mundukurus went for the kill, when the village was almost empty, the warriors have even without sketching in the defence of its menace with indigenous weapons serving as protection for the tribal group. There are also unconfirmed information that four police officers were hit with the martyr St, and an indigenous leader with gunfire.

According to information gathered by Eco Reserve, with Luis Claudio Teixeira of Cimi-Northern region II, in Bethlehem, the village is besieged by agents that control the whole movement and cut telephone and radio communication.

What seems to have happened is that the Indians are startled by the arrival of several police officers, since they were unaware of the operation triggered against illegal mining and, as sketched reaction, were addressed, according to reports from some natives, so nipped by federal agents, however, was not an action against the Indians.


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