Decision of Justice determines the recovery of degraded areas in settlements

MPF points Incra responsible for one third of the deforestation of the Amazon

Decision of Justice determines the recovery of degraded areas in settlements

October 11, 2012 | 11:05   Agency Brazil

Brasilia-the Federal Court banned the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform (Incra) to create settlements without environmental settlement in the State of Pará. The lawsuit, which culminated in the decision, pointed out the Incra responsible for one third of the deforestation in the Amazon.

“Irregular procedures adopted by Incra on creation and installation of the settlements have been promoting the destruction of fauna, flora, water resources and genetic heritage, causing irreversible damage to the Amazon biome”, recorded the action, opened by Federal prosecutors.

The decision of the Federal Court, published this week, determines that the Incra should submit within 90 days, a plan for recovery of degraded areas identified in the action and forced the Incra to interrupt any deforestation that is in progress in the projects of settlement. The regulator will also have to present every month to justice satellite images showing compliance with determination.

The municipality is also required to make registration of the legal reserve of the settlements already implemented in Pará and to submit to justice detailed information about the location of them all. The decision also defines that in 30 days the Incra must submit a work plan for the completion of environmental and rural environmental licensing registers of all settlements in Pará.

In case of violation of any of the decisions, the Incra will be fined $ 10,000 a day.

In a statement, the Incra informs that since 2007 does not create settlements without prior environmental license, in compliance with the Conama resolution 387, 2006. The municipality further States that, since the first half of August, the Incra has been building in the MPF paths to meet the seating areas environmental torts, as well as propose solutions to social issues in these areas.

The note also says that the Agency presented to the Chambers for coordination and Review of the MPF and the public prosecutors in the Amazon, in August, the plan of preventing, combating and alternatives to illegal deforestation (PPCadi). The plan is part of an agenda of action based on the environmental regularization via Rural Environmental Register (CAR), by family unit, environmental recovery with income and food security for families, active forest valuation and monitoring and control of the settlements.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office specialized in the Incra (PFE/Incra) waiting for summons of judgement and the beginning of the period to appeal the decision.


DeForest grows and Government Announces package

Overthrow of Amazonian forests in the period between August and September is the biggest since 2009

October 10, 2012 | 03:07
Patricia Fabrini and Celia Froufe-O Estado de s. Paulo

BRASÍLIA-in Legal Amazon deforestation between August and September was 804 km2, the highest level for the period in the past three years, driven by intense drought of 2012 and the expansion of areas for planting soybeans, livestock and mining. Only in August, the deforestation was 522 km2 (more than twice the size of the city of Recife), an increase of 220% compared to the same period in 2011. In the historical series, the peak was not only higher than in July 2009, when the total destroyed reached 835 km2

The data were presented yesterday by the Ministers of environment Izabella Teixeira, and justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, who announced a package of measures to strengthen the prevention and the fight against deforestation. The Government will work in five main actions, the most important being the permanent monitoring in the region. Part of them will be made official until the end of the week in Decree of President Dilma Rousseff.

Currently, the Federal agents work mainly in the dry season, from April to October, when the loggers operate more easily and the lack of clouds favors the satellite monitoring. However, the felling of the forest has occurred even in rainy season, despite the difficulties for the removal of wood, which forced a shift in the repression.

The National Security Force will create an environmental company in the Amazon. Intelligence activities will rely on the military background. Environmental Protection still will be created, which will be effective and the structure of the armed forces for forest protection actions. The Government described the package as a strong reinforcement, but refused to disclose numbers. “If I say the effective, give ammunition to the bad guy,” said Cardozo.

Downed trees

Pará, Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Amazonas were the States with the highest deforestation in August.

Despite the negative data, the Minister considered that strengthening monitoring has allowed reducing the pace of destruction in September, with 282 km2. “There has been an increase in the price of gold (which encourages the opening of mines) and soybeans. People are clearing for soybeans, livestock, wood and gold, “said Izabella.,desmate-cresce-e-governo–anuncia-pacote-,943334,0.htm


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