Indian Museum


The Indians live in space where, before the start of construction of the Maracana
stadium, worked the Indian Museum.
The Indians appealed to the government and ask that the area is not destroyed by the
works of the World Cup, but transformed into the cultural heritage of the

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Jornal do Brazil  Stephen Markham *

08/11 the 07:00-updated on 08/11 at 09:01

Federal prosecutors enter the fray by former Indian Museum

Action of 6 Office of Minority Education and Citizenship defends cause of village Indians Maracanã

The meeting took place in the village Maracanã

Saturday 11/10/2012 at 7:0 pm.

-Detailed information were not updated on the site and facebook from the village until then, because the 3 g is not working. We hope to solve this problem until the end of this Sunday 11/11.

-Due to a few excesses of demonstrators that occurred at the time of this Friday, students will also be more careful in the coming events to observe the deliberations of the village itself.

-All comments and suggestions are welcome, but any decision will be made exclusively by residents of the village.

-Clarifications about the police presence in the Act this Friday: the PM was thrown by indigenous people to assist in the path of the Act, since many people unknown would come. Thanks to the public security forces who gave support to the Act.

-About the overthrow of the wall: the wall dropped to 4:0 in the morning of Saturday 10/11 was in part that belongs to the Ministry of agriculture. Have not yet invaded the space of the village, but everyone should be careful, please.

-It is important to help maintain calm and serenity and sensitize the population and public opinion to press the 3 levels of Government.

-A way to cooperate with the village is participating in the open events. Are all attentive to infos via his page facebook

-Wait for new information.


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