Belo Monte has stopped

Published in November 12, 2012

A series of protests from workers of the Consórcio Construtor Belo Monte (CCBM), responsible for the construction of the hydroelectric plant, which began on the night of last Friday, 9, and extended until Sunday night, destroyed facilities and equipment of the Belo monte dam construction and Pimental and spoiling the continuity of the work on this second, 12.

The sixth, which fired in five hangars of the Belo monte dam site, if extended to the sitio Pimental on Saturday, reaching equipment and installations, returning to the Belo Monte dam on Sunday night with more fires in the accommodation. The second note of the CCBM, refectories facilities were destroyed, accommodation, leisure areas, offices and workshops.

On Monday, demonstrators still blocked the trans-Amazonian Highway, firing on a bus and preventing access to construction sites and the removal of officials.

Despite having announced, at the end of the week, that the work would be resumed in the second under penalty of summary dismissal, the CCBM was forced to halt work on all construction (Belo Monte, canals and Dikes and Pimental). According to the workers ‘ leaders, many workers who live outside of Altamira are being sent home for an indefinite period.

“We are on strike. It is a strike of the base, since there is no agreement with the Union. And of course, after the protests, there is no condition any resumption of work. But we believe that the initiative to send workers home is one way to try to weaken the strike. What we guarantee that won’t happen! “says a worker.

According to the workers, there has been no progress in the negotiation of labor claims, as above 11% pay rise offered wage equality between, construction sites, and changing rules of snood (off to visit families)

See photos of the Belo monte dam site after Sunday’s protest


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